Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1. First, you should figure out which cell phone carrier you want to stick with. Each carrier sells a huge variety of cell phones so you can cut a lot of time picking one carrier. Each carrier has their own pros and cons. Some of the main US carriers are AT&T, Sprint, Verizon wireless, Cricket, Metro PCS, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile. You should compare cell phone carriers and see which ones you like. Things you should take into account are monthly rates, reliability, customer service cell phone discounts and coverage.

2. Know which cell phone features are essential for you. There are many cell phones that can do a range of things while others are very basic. Figure out what are some major features that you must have on your cell phone. Maybe you need a camera, music player, games, web browsing or email capabilities on your phone. Once you figure that out rank them and see which ones are the most important for those cell phone deals.
3. Think about your price range. Of course, money is going to be an issue when looking for great cell phone offers. Know how much money you are willing to spend on that new Verizon wireless cell phone. Some of the more expensive smartphones range from $150 to $400 dollars. So make sure you save your money up so you can buy that cell phone you really want. Also, try to keep your eye out for any cell phone discounts. Several carriers have special deals and offers on their products. You could also get a good deal from purchasing a certain plan, like the famous cell phone family plans.

4. Make the decision. Once you have a handful of phones you are satisfied with purchasing than make a choice. It shouldn't be too hard if you stayed with your criteria and price range. Cell phone deals are a must in this day and age so always stay sharp and buy smart.

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