Whether you've got an office or a cubicle you're going to need office guest chairs for when people come in to talk. There are many options online and with a little bit of research you should be able to find good, affordable office guest chairs. There's a lot of different styles of office guest chairs and if you're looking to save money on office guest chairs you're going to want to pick the right one for your situation. Below we go through the different styles of office guest chairs and which one would be best for each scenario.

Things You Will Need

You'll need a budget and some time to research cheap office guest chairs

Step 1

Leather Office Guest Chair

The most popular is the leather office guest chair. Perhaps it's because of the status it signifies or maybe it's perceived as more comfortable but these guest chairs are usually found in conference rooms or manager's offices. While these office guest chairs are on the higher end of affordable, they provide a nice place to sit when appearance is important. So if you have a lot of clients coming in, your boss stops by often, or you just want to look professional, you'll probably want to go with the leather office guest chair.

Step 2

Sliding Office Guest Chair

Another great guest chair is the sliding guest office chair. The chairs have sled rails on the bottom that make it easier to move the chair in and out from a desk or when you plan on getting up and moving around a lot. So if you like to hold meetings in your office or need people to slide around to see what you're working on on your computer, this may be a good option for you.

Step 3

Office Guest Chair With Casters

Along the same lines is the rolling guest chair. These office chairs have casters on the bottom of each of the feet which, again, make it very easy to roll from one location to another or move in and out of a desk or conference table. In fact, this is a particularly good solution to people who have a larger office and need to go back and forth between the conference table, desk, printer, and whiteboard.

Step 4

Mesh Office Guest Chair

The mesh office guest chair has a mesh backing to it which is designed to keep the body cool. This is a good option for people who don't have air conditioning or in hot climates as it will make the visitors more comfortable. Also, when you sit in the same place for extended periods of time it's important to stay cool. So this could be a good option if you're expecting visitors to stay in the seat for a long time.

Step 5

Basic Guest Office Chair

The most affordable of the office guest chairs is definitely the basic office guest chair. As the name implies it's very basic and merely provides place for visitors to sit. This is probably the most typical office guest chair found in cubicles and offices today. This makes the most sense for large companies who need to purchase a lot of these chairs or for small businesses that don't have a large office furniture budget. These are often used as waiting room chairs as well.


Tips & Warnings

If you're truly on a budget and can't afford much for office guest chairs then you should consider used office guest chairs.