Whether you are an elite gamer, an occasional gamer, or a parent looking for an Xbox,you want to get the best deal possible, right? A great way to buy a cheap Xbox 360 is to purchase a refurbished model. If you are a savvy shopper and you are willing to spend a few minutes doing some research, you can get a perfectly good working Xbox 360 at a fraction of the price of buying it brand new.

How to Buy a Cheap Xbox 360
It is true that some people find it difficult to get comfortable with the idea of purchasing an item that isn't brand new, particularly when it comes to electronics. However, consider the following example. Assume you are in the market for a cheap Xbox 360. Now, let's say you have a friend that bought one a couple months ago, but now has decided he wants a Playstation instead. What if he offered to sell it to you for 50% off the original cost. Would you be interested? Now assume it also came with a return policy and warranty against breaking. These are all the benefits that typically come with a refurb. Before you go out and pay full price for a brand new Xbox, investigate the alternatives.


Option 1 Your first option is to buy a used Xbox 360 from Microsoft. Microsoft offers discounted refurbs at outlet stores and direct from their online store. They guarantee that all machines have been tested and work. Often times, it may have scratches or dings on the outside, but they work perfectly. Microsoft also backs their refurbished Xbox's with a 1 year warranty. Buying a refurb through Microsoft offers a high level of protection since it is inspected to work within Microsoft's specs and comes with a Microsoft warranty.

Option 2 Another way to buy a cheap Xbox 360 is to buy a used or refurbished one from popular discount retailers like Tigerdirect, Overstock, New Egg or Gamestop. Just make sure you understand exactly what you are buying. It could be a refurbished Xbox from Microsoft or it could be a a return item that is being sold at a discount. If the website doesn't tell you, call them and ask. Additionally, you should review the terms and conditions of the return policy and warranty. Sometimes, retailers will offer their own warranty, which is important to know since the terms may be different than the warranty provided by Microsoft.

Option 3 If you are looking for the absolute best price possible, you probably don't need to look any further than sites like Craigslist and eBay. There are lots of cheap used Xbox 360s on these sites, but it is important that you are cautious and take care to ensure you are getting what you pay for. This is particularly important with sites like Craigslist. You should always test the Xbox to make sure it works before exchanging any money, even if that means firing it up in the seller's living room. Just be mindful that while the person selling you their used Xbox is probably a nice an upstanding person, they aren't going to give you a money-back guarantee or warranty.

Option 4 You should also check with local retailers like Best Buy. Often times, you might be able to get a deal on a 360 that has been returned by a customer, usually called an "open box" item. You might also be able to get a discount by buying a floor model. If you have a choice, opt for the open box. A model Xbox 360 has probably been used quite a bit already, whereas an open box may only have a few hours of gameplay on it and will likely include a limited warranty and standard return policy.

If you are trying buy an Xbox 360 at a discount then price certainly is important to you, but it shouldn't be the only thing you consider. Make sure you research the seller. A very limited return policy may not be worth the $5 you save over going with a very reputable retailer with a strong return policy and 1 year warranty. Happy hunting.


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