Ever since Oprah selected the Clarisonic as one of her favorite things sales of the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush have taken off. But with different models, purchasing the brush can be confusing. Here are step by step to directions to buy a clarisonic skin brush.

Things You Will Need

Money to purchase the Clarisonic Skin Brush

Step 1

When considering which Clarisonic Skin Brush to purchase take a look at the different names. You will see names like Clarisonic Pro, Clarisonic MD and Clarisonic Skin Brush. Currently Clarisonic makes two versions of the brush; the Clarisonic Pro and the classic Clarisonic which is called the Clarisonic Skin Brush.

Step 2

Compare prices on the different models. The Clarisonic Pro and the Clarisonic Classic retail for the same price approximately $195.00, since the Clarisonic Pro has additional features, it is the best value.

Step 3

Examine the features on each brush. The Clarisonic Pro has 3 speeds. 2 lower speeds for the face and 1 for the body. The Clarisonic Classic has 2 speeds. The Pro has two buttons. One for on/off and the other for power. The Classic has only 1 button. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the handle of the machine.

Step 4

Since you can't always see the skin care brush, check carefully to see which version is being sold.. Clarisonic likes to limit the resale of the Clarisonic Pro to physicians offices and spas. Though some online retailers do carry the Clarisonic Pro, many others are selling the Classic.

Step 5

Decide what color you like the best. The Clarisonic Skin Brush comes in 3 colors. Basic white, gray and pink. If you purchase the pink a portion of the sale is donated to breast cancer research.

Step 6

You can find excellent discount prices at Amazon on the Clarisonic Pro and Classic. Look for sellers who advertise the latest version of the Clarisonic Pro model. Check seller ratings.
A Clarisonic is a wonderful way to pamper your skin. The glow you get from the Clarisonic is priceless.

Tips & Warnings

If you have active acne you may want to forgo the Clarisonic till you have cleared the acne up. Try a product like Acnezine that works internally and externally. Once your acne is under control the Clarisonic will help keep your skin clear.