A kitchenAid Food ProcessorA small food processor is a great kitchen appliance to own, especially if you'll cook for one or two people. These days, even if you're just cooking for one or two people, owning a small food processor isn't a luxury, it's a necessity in today's fast paced lifestyle. And, one of the best ways to save money is by preparing your own meals instead of ordering take out. Having a small food processor means you can make your meals easier and quicker and save money in the process since you won't have to buy pre-cut veggies.

Even a small food processor comes in different sizes

A small food processor is available in 1.5 to 3 cup sizes. I would only choose the 3 cup size if you're cooking for up to 3 people.  Remember there's nothing stopping you from preparing your food in batches if you need more.  It'll take longer but you'll be able to do it.

A small food processor should still have a large feeding tube

Make sure the feeding tube that the small food processor comes with is large enough for the types of food you'll need to prepare. A really small tube can be a really big hassle, especially if you'll be pouring liquids or putting larger vegetables into the small food processor, it kind of defeats the purpose if you have to pre-cut your vegetables into small cubes.

Get a small food processor with big food processor power

Just because it's a small food processor doesn't mean foods are easier to chop up, get one with sufficient power.  Remember, a carrot is still a carrot and a potato is still a potato, they take the same amount of power to process.  Skimping on the motor can be disastrous as an overloaded moter WILL burn out.  Most people think just because it's small they can get a very small moter to save even more money, don't make that mistake.  You know what you'll be using this for, so get the right size motor for the job.

Consider the finish of the small food processor

Because of it's smaller size and easier cleanup you'll probably be using the small food processor daily. Make sure you choose one with a good finish, stainless steel is a great finish for a small food processor as it's very easy to clean.  You can go with plastic of course just keep in mind what happens to white plastic when you get tomatoe sauce on it.

Take a close look at what attachments the small food processor comes with

The best small food processors come with loads of attachments.  Make sure it comes with the tools you think you'll need.  For example, even though it's small you can make dough in it so look for a dough hook.  At the minimum the small food processor should come with a variety of chopping blades.

What other features should I look for in a small food processor

There are some other, less important features to consider..

  • For tough grinding jobs the small food processor should have a reverse function
  • A pulse button is desirable if you don't want to totally liquify your food by accident.
  • If you own a dishwasher it just makes sense to get one that is dishwasher safe
  • Look for simple one touch controls that are fully covered for easy cleanup and safety.

Here's a top notch small food processor available on Amazon.

Here's a detailed, in depth look at just about the best small processors out there, the Cuisinart mini prep plus.

How much does a small food processor cost?

Well, that depends on the size, power and other features, not too mention if it's on sale or not. I highly recommend using ebates as they give an online rebate with just about all online purchases you make.  For more information I suggest reading food processor reviews on such sites as ConsumerSearch and ConsumerReports. Food processor reviews on these sites are written by unbiased users just like yourself and often times will have the lowest prices listed right on the food processor reviews. You will also find many useful links right here on this page too.