How did the hammock come alive in the first place? According to sites like wikipedia, their use began when Indians needed some place to sleep during their fishing trips, away from insects and snakes. They also preferred a place, which allowed them to stay cool at night. A hammock fit all of these requirements. It is still used today by campers who want minimal damage done to the environment as sleeping bags can damage the forest floor. These days hammocks are very popular because they are simple, easy on the muscles, and the slight swinging movement has a calming effect.

What type of hammocks are available. Although there are many kinds, they can generally be split up into single-person, two-person, and air chair hammocks.

Things You Will Need

Nothing but a computer with an internet connection.

Step 1

Although this site doesn't have the best prices, I find that they have the most selection and variety. If you don't like anything here because of the price, feel free to check out Amazon and Ebay for a cheaper camping hammock.

Step 2

Here you'll find a lot of dirt cheap hammocks. Rather than shopping here first, pick out a specific hammock over at and then check out ebay to see if you can't get a better price.

Step 3

Amazon, like ebay, has some very affordable hammocks.
When you are buying from an independent seller, make sure that you check their feedback and their longevity.

Tips & Warnings

You get what you pay for!