Finding the perfect mattress can be frustrating for many people because comfort is subjective. What this means is that what may seem comfortable to one person may seem uncomfortable to another person. Selecting a mattress can also be difficult because when looking at the many different models in showrooms you may feel pressured or rushed and do not always spend as much time as you need to. When it comes to selling mattresses salespeople can also be very objective which can make the process more difficult. They are often encouraged to push various brands based on sales commissions.

You will be spending a lot of hours on this mattress so it's very important that you take your time. You may feel uncomfortable with the whole process but don't be in such a hurry that you settle for something that may not be exactly what you want.

If two people are going to be sleeping in the bed make sure both are present when it comes time to go shopping. Wear comfortable clothes and if you really want to impress the staff you can even wear your pajamas and bring your pillow. You might think I'm kidding but I'm not! Sitting on a mattress will not tell you much. Take at least a few minutes and lie down with your back on the mattress. Close your eyes and get a picture for how the mattress feels along the length of your body. After that, turn into the position you usually use while sleeping and do the same thing.

Test out as many mattresses as you can and via the process of elimination you will probably have it narrowed down to a couple different choices. Comfort is probably the single most important consideration when buying a mattress. Unlike a refrigerator or other major appliances there are not any working parts inside a mattress that would cause it to break or malfunction. In fact, less than 1% of mattresses are returned for warranty failures that have to do with structural problems such as broken springs.

Try to ignore the names and "levels" of the mattresses as best as you can and instead focus on how the mattress feels. A perfect scenario would be to walk into a mattress store and test out every single one without knowing in advance the brand, price, or "firmness". However, this can be rather difficult to do because the salesperson will want you to know all that information in advance. Also, spending extra money on a specialty mattress doesn't guarantee a good's night sleep. They may be worth a try but opinions on the different brands including Duxiana, Select Comfort, and Tempur-Pedic are all over the place.

You will definitely want to shop for your mattress in person. However, if you decide on a particular mattress you might be able to shop online for the identical model and find the best price. A good mattress can last up to 10 years or 30,000 hours of sleep time. However, if you're over age 40 and your mattress is more than 5 years old it may be time for a new one. As your body ages it begins to tolerate less pressure.