I bought a brand new $200 iPod for $150 at a local electronics store. That's a savings of $50, but buying an iPod at a lower price isn't easy if you're looking for a brand new one. Refurbished iPods don't even come with that kind of discount. Apple has price control over its products. That means a retailer can hardly ever mark them down. However, there are loopholes that will allow you to get a good deal on a new iPod.

Things You Will Need

You will need patience. You may not find a discounted iPod on your first try.

Step 1

If you want the best deal on an iPod, an iPhone, a Mac, or any other Apple product, the best time to shop is when Apple introduces their new models. When a new generation of each model is released, the last generation of that model is marked down. They mark down the old models at local Apple retailers, at the Apple Store online, and at Best Buy. This discount usually adds up to a several dollars depending on the kind of iPod you want to buy.

Step 2

Waiting until the new iPods are released will save you some cash, but you might be able to get an even cheaper iPod. Sometimes customers buy an MP3 player and return it to the store if they find a better deal or decide they can't afford it. When someone brings an iPod back to the store, it cannot be sold for full price. From time to time, this also happens with floor models. Most people don't want to pay full price for something that has already been opened. That's why Best Buy, or the store of your choice, will mark down any iPod that has been brought back with an open package. These are called open-box items. If you want a discount, ask the salesperson if the store has any open-box iPods. The store will often take several dollars off the full price that is controlled by Apple.

Step 3

Finally, if you want to get a really good deal on an iPod, combine steps one and two. Start bargain hunting around the time when Apple brings out their new generation of gadgets. Best Buy and the independent Mac stores will be taking down their old display models and selling them at a discounted price.

You can ask for the open-box discount plus you'll be paying less for the previous generation iPod. It's still a brand new MP3 player and comes with the Apple warranty. I bought my new iPod in this manner.

I kept dropping by Best Buy and asking if they had any open-box iPods. Several times they had open-box items that were good deals, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. Eventually I got lucky.

They had a previous-generation iPod Nano. Someone bought it and returned it a few days later. The store marked it down $20 for not being the new release model and another $30 for having been purchased and returned.

Finding a discount iPod, or any apple product, can be difficult due to price control, but if you know what you're doing and you keep trying you'll get a new iPod at a big discount.

Tips & Warnings

Watch out for refurbished iPods. Refurbished basically means used. There is nothing wrong with buying one of these, and they do come with a discount, but be aware that buying a refurbished iPod is not the same as buying a previous generation model that has not been used.