Keep warm with a great pair of cold weather gloves

A nice pair of warm glovesWarm gloves are, as you know, a necessity to being comfortable during the winter. Unfortunately the act of selecting a great pair of gloves is approached almost as an afterthought, with price almost always being the deciding factor. There's some critical things you should look for when selecting a pair of winter gloves; style, material and coverage all play a factor in finding a great pair of warm gloves for the winter. Read the guide below for some tips on finding the best pair of warm gloves you'll ever own.

Wear warm gloves appropriate to what you'll be doing

A nice set of skiing gloves may keep you toasty, but they're hardly appropriate when wearing a suit or out on a date. On the other hand a slick pair of leather warm gloves doesn't really cut it when out shoveling the snow.

Wearing the right pair at the right time helps a lot when choosing the right pair of warm gloves as you'll see further down.

Owning multiple kinds of gloves is the best way to make sure you're wearing the right type at the right time.  Also, don't forget to keep a pair in the car, after all, it is called a glove compartment.

A warm glove is made of the right material

Select a winter glove that is waterproof and windproof. It really makes no sense to think your wearing warm gloves when the cold air, snow and rain just passes right through it. Those knitted gloves really are useless and should never be considered a pair of warm gloves.

Instead make sure you choose a glove that is most certainly waterproof and windproof. Leather is great at both, as long as there is a liner.

Warm gloves have the perfect lining

Often overlooked but possibly one of the most important features of warm gloves is the lining. It is brutally important that the pair of warm gloves you wear has a lining that wicks away moisture. Any natural material is fine, an insulating material is even better for thin gloves like leather dress gloves. For warm gloves while working the insulation part isn't as critical since you'll be moving around and staying warm anyway, the material must wick away moisture otherwise your hands will get cold quickly. Warm gloves have a liner that will wick away moisture, remember this.

Make sure the warm gloves have the proper coverage

Any glove worn while working should most certainly extend beyond the wrist and even have some straps (velcro) to allow you to close them against your coat. Having this feature will prevent cold and moisture from entering the top of the glove.

A dress warm glove can safely extend to only the wrist, since you'll most certainly not be moving around too much.

Here's some more information that will help you in your quest to find the best cold weather gloves that fit your needs perfectly.

If your still unsure I recommend you read winter glove reviews on sites like Consumer Search, they have unbiased winter glove reviews that'll help you find a great pair of warm gloves for the winter.