So if you want to buy a vintage Antique Diamond Engagement Ring there a few things you should know. Before you propose to your future fiancee -- your future spouse -- you need to find a really unique ring that will help set the tone for your special love, your great relationship, and your wonderful upcoming marriage. It’s romantic to choose an antique engagement ring that already has “love in it”, as some people believe. It might also be possible to find antique wedding rings for the ceremony as well. A classic, stunning, antique diamond engagement ring in silver, gold, or platinum is what you’ve been looking for!


There are essentially two types of antique engagement rings, and you need to know which one you, and your fiancee, would like:

The first is a modern, brand-new ring, modeled on an earlier ring style. These are referred to as antique replica rings, and they were constructed based on an actual vintage ring. Many modern jewelry makers are How to Buy an Antique Diamond Engagement Ring: Unique Choice for Your Weddinginspired to take older designs and settings and recreate these in a modern ring. These rings are very attractive, beautiful, and unique, but they are brand new.

The second type is the actual vintage antique ring. These are old, quality rings from decades past that are stunning in their beauty, elegance, and craftsmanship. Each ring is authentic, unique, and has a story all its own. These are inspiring for many reasons, may often be very, very old, but still have all their quality, charm, and value intact. These are available from the jewelers because of estate sales, inheritances, and other family situations. Very often these rings are in immaculate condition becuase they have been well-cared for and protected since they were made.


Based on availability of rings, you then choose a style of vintage engagement ring. As you begin your exploration, again it’s not a bad idea to understand what various modern rings look like - settings, cut, etc. Then when you start to investigate antique rings you will better appreciate the dramatic differences and allure. You will find a great deal of beautiful art deco, art nouveau, Edwardian, and old European cut rings as your main categories. From there you have many styles of settings, carat size, and more to choose.


Very often because of superior diamond, the underlying craftsmanship, and the rarity of a particular piece, the antique rings can cost as much, and sometimes more than a new ring. Once you’ve decided on a price range for your purchase, it’s best to see exactly what that would get you in terms of a new ring. Shop online, go to Zales at the mall, or a  couple local jewelers, and you’ll have a better idea of costs based on cut, clarity, setting, and carat weight. Make sure you know whether the ring you are looking at is authentic or antique replica, and then make an offer. Antique dealers often have many used pieces of jewelry and are more accustomed to negotiation. So make an offer! With an antique ring, even with some restoration and cleaning, the jeweler might have room to haggle based on his/her cost. And there might be some other discounts available with referrals, repeat business, or just the speediness of your sale. And remember cash always helps get a better price in a negotiation! 


Although antique rings show up at a number of locations -- including auction houses, second-hand stores, and pawn shops -- be very careful about the dealer you choose. It makes sense to shop around, and get a number of referrals, but make sure that your ring is certified by the GIA. It also makes sense to deal with a jeweler who is a specialist in antique rings, and understands that market. After your purchase, if you are concerned about value, consider getting a third-party appraisal of your new ring. It is often money well spent.


As the final step after purchase, make sure you protect the valuable ring with insurance. First see if you can add this to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. From there, also consider specfic jewelry insurance that covers loss, damage, or theft. The prices are very reasonable. After you do all that work to find the ring, propose and give the ring to your love -- you don't want to be worried about losing it, or some costly repair for damage to the ring.


Good luck, and happy engagement! You found a ring that is as unique as you are! Your soul mate is happy that you are a ‘hopeless romantic’, and they ring is a showpiece and conversation starter for years and years. Technically it’s and eco-friendly choice, because instead of purchasing a new ring and increasing demand, you are ‘reusing’ or ‘repurposing’ a ring that has been out of circulation. If you have the choice, consider an antique diamond engagement ring for your big day, and for the beginning of your wonderful life together as a married couple.