Kids and collectors alike prize the Optimus Prime action figure from the Transformers toyline, making it a popular and sometimes expensive item. Just about every year a new version of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime figure is released, and so wise shoppers always want to find the toy at the best price so that they do not go broke buying gifts or completing their collection. It is not too difficult to find an action figure of Optimus Prime on sale, however, if you follow a few simple steps.

Get on Email Lists from Online Retailers

Sign up with online retailers so that you will know when an Optimus Prime figure goes on sale. If you are on the email sale list for,,,, and you will get sales flyers and coupons for toys throughout the years. Some of these sales or coupons may be for the Optimus Prime toy itself.

Check Out Ebay

Go to Ebay on a regular basis and see if you can find the Transformers Optimus Prime action figure for sale. Brand-new figures of the Autobot leader as well as slightly used version are always available, and they often cost far less on Ebay than they do in a traditional retail environment.

Visit Toy Clearance Aisles

Check the toy clearance aisles every time you go to a traditional brick-and- mortar retail store. Many shoppers have been surprised to find an Optimus Prime figure or two on sale at a drastically reduced price. Often the figure will be hiding on the aisle, so keep your eyes peeled.

Know Your Optimus Prime Action Figures

Know the different versions of Optimus Prime action figures that are usually on sale. There are always various sizes of this popular toy on the market, and the smaller the figure, the less expensive it will be.

Practice Patience

Be patient as you look for the least expensive Optimus Prime toy and take advantage of periods when stores universally cut prices. The week after Christmas is often one of the best times to find toys like Optimus Prime on sale.

Extra Tips

• will often offer rebates if you spend a certain amount on their brands within a given period. Buying during these times can build up credit that can be exchanged for an Optimus Prime figure, and you do not necessarily have to buy Transformers to earn this credit.

• If you are buying for a child, make sure that you know the precise Optimus Prime that the child is looking for. There are many different versions from different Transformers toylines on the market, and so it can be easy to miss the toy that the child actually wants.

• There are many Transformers characters, so be sure to pick the Optimus Prime toy if that is the character you are searching for.