Custom car stickers

Custom car stickers have their images or design already printed by the store. They save time as all buyers have to do is to specify categories, choose color, size and quantity. Custom stickers tell observers more about the owners of a car and are an effective means to communicate kind words and information to the public. Even though stickers are widely used for decoration, there are stickers for baby showers, weddings, sport teams, sororities and car windshields. Car stickers are desired by a vast majority and appeal to all age groups, from kids to adults.

What are the different types of custom car stickers?
Custom car stickers vary according to grade, color and size

According to grade:
There are high grade and low grade materials. Vinyl and polyester are common high grade materials used in the sticker printing business. They are weather proof and do not shrink on usage. Paper is a low grade material and it is not durable.

According to size (length): there are small (3-5 inches), medium (5-7inches) and large stickers (7inches and above).

According to color:

There are single-colored stickers made out of a vinyl sheet with no backgrounds. They come in three parts; the applicator, the paper and the artwork. The applicator makes it possible to apply it all at once. Many stores usually have from thirty to forty standard colors that customers can choose from.
There are also multicolored stickers which are made with printers. Customers can choose any amount of color they need to create their logo or image. They are usually printed on white vinyl and can be cut into any shape and size to meet the customer's requirement.

How to apply custom car stickers:
Stickers can be applied to any part of a car including windows and dashboards but larger stickers are usually applied at the rear and on the windshields.

To apply small stickers

The application area should be properly cleansed with soap and water solution.
The upper edge of the sticker should be properly adhered to the surface with a masking tape.
After fixing the sticker in its position, gradually peel of the paper backing and lower the sticker.
Rub the sticker in place with a card, wait a while and peel the clear cover off.

For larger stickers

-Measure and clean up the application area.
-Hold the upper edge of the sticker in place with a tape and divide it into three parts with a pair of scissors.
-Starting at the middle, peel out the paper backing and rub it in place with a card, then continue on to the outer edges.
-After a few seconds, peel off the clear cover.

Costs of custom car stickers;
The price stickers are allocated according to size, color, font , and style. Generally, smaller stickers cost about $1-6, medium sizes are from $10 - 20 and large stickers and windshield stickers are from $ 25 and above.

Where to buy custom car stickers:

Car stickers can be bought from any nearby sticker store. They can be purchased online in retail and wholesale. It is a lot cheaper to buy stickers in wholesale as many online stores offer reductions as the quantity increases. Some popular custom stickers can be purchased on e-bay and amazon at very low prices but shipping costs and other fees will also be applied.