Bike riding enjoyment

Many people enjoy riding all over the country side as it is a cheaper way of touring through different countries. Many people do not realize that there are different types of tires and tubes on the market. You need to buy the right bike tire and tubes for your area as it could make a difference between a successful or disappointing ride.

There are tires for bike racing, like BMX or mountain bikes. Or you may be one of those unlucky ones who enjoy riding through the natural bush areas. This is what prompted me to write this article. Some areas like in Australia we have those pesky thorny things that put an end to your ride by giving you a puncture. No one likes to walk carrying or wheeling your bike over hill and dale back to your home. Not only is this frustrating but embarrassing at the same time.

We call these pesky thorny things by a few different names: double gees, cat's eyes, bindi eyes, three cornered jacks, any of those will give you the same effect on bare feet or bike tires. Bare feet will find them very quickly and yes they are painful too. You can hop from one foot to another and straight onto another pointed prickle. They grow on a plant that creeps across dry territories. Once you find one plant you will soon see others as they are self seeding, in fact we have heaps even in our own back yard. I pull them out as soon as I see one growing and worse still our dog finds them in his paws, we know as soon as we see him limping.

Mongoose Spinn Freestyle Bike (20-Inch)
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This single speed bike has micro drive gearing and was designed especially for the kids that enjoy doing all types of tricks, with 48 spoke alloy wheels.

How to Increase the life of your riding experience

The best way to avoid flat bike tires is to buy prickle or thorn proof bike tubes. These are made especially to prevent the thorns from penetrating the tubes. These tubes will cost you nearly double the price of a normal tube and are made of a thicker rubber around the tread area. In my opinion most of the punctures occur from these thorns entering from the sides not through the tread 

Learn how to prevent the inevitable flat tire

There is a very simple way to prevent that inevitable flat tire or at least reduce the amount of flat tires due to prickles. Follow these few steps and you to will have fewer flats:

Start by buying thorn proof bike tubes

Then when you get your first flat tire do not throw that tube away or waste money repairing it.

Buy a new thorn proof tube then use the old one to line the outside of your new tire.

Slime Bicycle Tube Sealant
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If you do get a puncture this will seal your tube so you can get right back on the bike and continue riding again

Tube Sealants

This product will not only seal the puncture but prevent a puncture

Tube Sealants like the Slime bicycle Tube sealants will save your day if you remember to take it with you on your next riding adventure.

If you do have a puncture then you can use this to seal the leak, so you can continue your riding experience. It also comes with its own filler tube.

While thinking of these type products you can also buy the valves by the same manufacturer


Sunlite Thorn Resistant Presta Valve Tubes, 700 x 18 - 23 (27 x 1") / 32mm, Black
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These thorn resistant bicycle tubes have a thicker base wall than other normal cycle tubes.

How to make use of Old Tube

  • Cut out the valve stem from the old tube then slit the tube open all the way around the inside of the tube.
  • Pump a little bit of air into the new tube, not much as you still have to put it on the rim.
  • Now open the old tube and wrap it around the partially inflated tube. Make sure they are both fitted together in the normal way.
  • This old tube should now prevent your tube being punctured as it has a double layer of protection. Be sure that you are using the same sized tubes.
  • Clean your rim thoroughly and check for any prickles or thorns on the inside of your tires. It's no good replacing tubes if the offending thorn is still inside your tire.
  • Make sure you keep the good tube and old outer tube together and reinstall them onto your clean bike rim. Be careful when doing this to avoid any kinks or folds in the tubes.
  • Add a little more air then check that tube is still seated correctly with nothing pressing against the tire edge. By adding air gradually and massaging the air into the tire this should reduce risk of tube being pinched.

If you follow the above procedures you should Increase the life of your bike riding experience and make your bike riding more enjoyable.

Thorn Resistant Tires

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These will make your riding experience over rough terrain more reliable. They will protect you against those pesky thorns in the bush from penetrating your tubes, leaving you to walk home.