Fast Cash Buying Junk Cars

Learn How Much You Can Make Off the Scrap Metal in a Junk Car

Ever see the signs or ads that say " We buy junk cars" ? I never paid much attention to them before. Now I do!

So how much are we talking about? I will go through an example of a car I found on Craigslist just the other day and show you how much easy cash there is to be made.

The ad was for a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville. The car had a blown engine and they wanted $200 for it.

First step, Google " 1996 Pontiac Bonneville curb weight". You will find that the car weighs 3446 lbs.

The going price for a car sold for just the scrap metal at this time is $240 ton. So we divide 3446 by 2000 which gives us 1.72. Take 1.72 times $240 which gives us the scrap metal value of $413!

So if we just buy the car, load it up on the trailer and take it to the scrap yard as-is, we would pocket $200!

But that isn't all we are going to do and that isn't the only way to make quick cash off of this old clunker.

The catalytic converter is worth $100-120 because it contains platinum in it, which is worth more per ounce than gold!

Here is a sample of the prices that we can get for things that we can take off of the car.

Electric Motors$0.28/lb

Auto Radiators - Clean$1.85/lb

Auto Radiators - Dirty$0.81/lb

Cast Iron$0.09/lb

Cast Aluminum - clean$0.50/lb

Heater Cores$1.40/lb

AL-CU-Radiators - Clean$1.40/lb

AL-CU-Radiators - Dirty$0.90/lb

Aluminum Radiators - Clean$0.53/lb

Aluminum Radiators - Dirty$0.19/lb

Aluminum Wheels$0.80/lb

Batteries - Vehicle$0.15/lb



Wheel Weights$0.25/lb


We also want to cut out the wiring harness for the copper wire after we have it on the trailer ( it would run without it)

Next we can go to Ebay and see what parts that we can sell. We want to take off things like taillights covers, radio, the Engine Control Module ( the car's brain), etc. Most of these things don't contribute much to the weight of the car and will bring big money on eBay. It may take a while to sell off all these little pieces, but you can really make big bucks off of these and they don't take up much room in storage.

Now that we have all the most valuable items removed,we can take the car to the scrap metal buyer. The $200 car can easily make $400-800 or more with very little effort.

There are a lot of other people that have learn how to do this, so the competition can be competitive. Many people doing this will see junk cars sitting on someone's property and stop and ask them if they would be interested in selling it.

It is true that one mans thrash is another's treasure.

How to Quickly Figure Out How Much the Scrap Metal in a Car is Worth