If you have ever looked at a guy walking towards you and admired how tall he is and wished for a moment that you could add a few extra inches onto your boyfriend/husbands height; then think again. Once you have tried to buy cheap big & tall men's jeans then you will be thankful for your shorter boyfriend/husband.

You cannot just walk off the street into any department store and buy cheap tall men's jeans on special. It does not happen. Sure you can get them especially made to fit your men's tall or plus size jeans, and of course it will cost you a lot more too.

There is nothing worse than seeing a beautifully dressed tall man with his jeans hanging up above his ankles. Then again how many times have you seen men with their belts way down under their huge pot belly. Incorrect fitting clothes can destroy their image no matter how much they may pay for their jeans.

No man over six feet tall or with a waist measurement over 40 should have to pay any more for their Jeans, than a short tubby man. If you use a bit of initiative and follow some of the following ideas then you can buy cheap big & tall men's jeans that fit you correctly.

How to measure yourself for jeans

Measuring the waist:

Before you attempt to buy any jeans you need to make sure you have your correct measurements. You need to put a tape measure around your waist, which should be around your belly button level, not under the pot. That is your waist measurement. Jeans are usually a tighter fit than normal strides although you need to allow for your lunch if you have not eaten before taking any measurements.

Inner leg measurement:

It is better is someone else can take this measurement. You need to measure from your crotch to the floor, without shoes, and it is not easy doing it yourself without bending. If you are one of those people who would be embarrassed to have someone do this then do the following:

Find a comfortable well fitting pair of jeans and measure from the inside crotch seam to the bottom cuff. Keep in mind that some brands of jeans will shrink, so it is better to turn them up rather than have them shrink and end up looking poorly dressed.

How to find cheap big men's Jeans

Many of the bigger department stores do carry a few items in their big and tall men's clothing section. Look out for their promotions and sale discounts on discontinued lines. Clearance racks could save you money, although it will not be as easy to find good deals as it would be for the smaller man.

Big and tall mens Jeans

Lee Mens Big & Tall Regular Straight Leg Jean, Pepper Wash Stretch, 44W x 32L
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These jeans are suitable for hand or washing machine and are 100% cotton.
Zipper fastening and has straight leg.

Search for Big Men's Jeans Online

If you know your exact measurements then you could save money buying tall men's jeans online. If you are a first time online buyer then it would be a good idea to look for the brand of jeans that you know. If unsure, go to a department store and try different brands of jeans on. Make a note of the size and fit of each brand.

Now go online and search for that brand and the size that you know will fit you. This will eliminate you from outlaying your hard earned money only to find they do not fit.

Return policy

Always read their return policy clause before buying anything in case you have a fault with the bought product. They could have a faulty zip or pocket stitching not right so it is best to know your rights before outlaying any money.

Online Auctions like eBay

Auctions are another good place to search online for cheap plus size jeans for men. Once again, make sure you read the sellers details for returns and payment options before bidding on anything. Also check out how much they are charging to post the items out to you, as some people reduce prices of articles and add extra onto the postal charges. Therefore you are not obtaining a bargain after all.

Here are a few places where you can buy big and tall men's jeans:

King size menswear
Wrangler Jeans for men
Alto clothing
Mr Big menswear
Kingsize big and tall (Aus)
If you follow some of the above ideas you should have learnt how to buy cheap big and tall men's jeans in future without any hassles and know they will fit you too.

Mens Big-Tall Jeans

Joe's Jeans Men's Big-Tall 37" Inseam Athlete Fit Relaxed Jean in Jermiah, Jermiah, 33
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