Your stock air intake is designed to be restrictive to reduce noise levels

image2056One of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase performance is by adding an air intake system to your car. Most people don't realize that the stock intake on most vehicles is made smaller and more restrictive to reduce noise levels.  Replacing the stock system with a new one will increase mileage and horsepower, not to mention making it sound much better.

What should I look for when choosing a performance air intake system?

There are several very important features to look for in a new intake system that can have a real effect on performance gains.

  • Select an air intake system that has smooth pipes with very few bends, this will reduce the resistance and increase air flow.
  • If possible, choose an intake system that sits as low as possible in the engine bay, this is where the coolest air is, this isn't the most important feature to look for, but if there's a choice go with the one that bends less and sits lower.
  • The best car intake systems will have some form of heat shield to insure the coolest air possible reaches the engine. Remember, hot air will reduce performance.
  • The filter should be a high flow one. A less restrictive one will allow more air to enter the engine with less resistance, again, increasing performance gains. The best air intake units will have a reusable air filter. These just need to be cleaned and re-oiled once a year or whenever you notice a drop in performance.

How much does a good air intake system cost?

Well, that will depend on the quality and features. They also vary depending on the size of engine they are designed for. K&N air intake systems are known for their quality and performance gains. You will, of course, find many links on this page to help you find the best intake system for your car too.