automatic can openerWhen it comes to kitchen appliances the lowly automatic can opener is given the least consideration when it comes to features and cleanliness. I think it's safe to say that every automatic can opener does what it's supposed to do, open a can, but when it comes to features and cleanliness they are all definitely NOT the same.  In this world of limited space and germs and nasties about finding the right electric can opener is more important than ever.

Choose an automatic can opener with a removable blade

I can't stress this enough. A removable blade is easy to clean. Just walk over to your current can opener (or your hand held one) and take a good look at the blade. That's dried food on there, and most certainly full of germs and bacteria, some of this will be deposited onto the food in the can you open next, think about that for a moment. Being able to remove the blade of the automatic can opener allows you to clean it easily. Do you really want that crud on your food?  I didn't think so.  Make sure the model you're considering has a removable blade assembly.

Decide on the type of automatic can opener that's best for you

There are cordless/hand held models or the standard opener. Keep in mind that the cordless models don't rate as high as the standard automatic can opener due to it having less power. The advantage however is they take up little or no counter space and are somewhat portable for use in the backyard or camping. I must stress that if you choose an cordless or hand held can opener make sure the blade is removable or you'll damage the unit when you try to clean it.

How much space can you allocate to the can opener?

If space is a real concern choose a space saver model. These attach to the underside of your kitchen cabinets, read the mounting instructions carefully as some people have difficulty attaching these if they have European style cabinets.  Some can openers are available extra tall for opening very large cans.  This is great if you entertain and really need to open those huge cans of tomato puree, if you don't then don't go for one of the tall models.

What additional features do you need on your can opener?

One of the more popular additional features available on today's models is a knife sharpener. This may be nice to have if you don't already own one, but don't choose your automatic can opener based on this feature.  On the other hand, make sure there is at least some other useful function, such as a bottle opener or even a bag opener (yeah, it's out there).

Does size matter when it comes to your automatic can opener?

If you open large cans often you may need to choose a taller model automatic can opener. This comes into play mostly if you cook large quantities of food. Not really an important issue but may be a factor, just realize the taller automatic can opener is available.

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