Do you want a comfortable, luxurious bath that you can really relax into? If so, a good bath pillow can help you achieve the best bathing experience.

With so many choices of bath pillow on the market today, how do you know which one to choose? Keep reading to learn about your options.

One way of choosing a bathtub pillow is simply to browse all the choices of bath pillow until you find one you like. But you may end up wasting a lot of time this way or feeling overwhelmed. A better way might be to think about what you want, and then start your shopping once your ideas are clear.

What to consider when shopping for the best bath pillow

First, you should consider the bath pillow material. Most good bathtub pillows will of course be waterproof, but some can be used outside the water as well. Do you want a multi-purpose bath pillow? This is important to consider.

Another material a cheap bath pillow might be made of is plastic. A bathtub pillow can be inflatable. With an inflatable bath pillow you will need to blow it up. Although this makes it very handy for traveling, you might find it a hassle to have to blow up your bath pillow every time you want to enjoy a hot soak. You might prefer a large memory foam bath pillow for bathing. A foam bathtub pillow is usually quite cushy and soft and you can really relax into it!

Bottom line is: Consider your specific needs before choosing a bath tub pillow.
And how about the size of your pillow for bathing? Do you want a small bath pillow that supports your neck and head, or do you want a large one that supports your shoulders and back as well? Some bathtub pillows even drape over the edges of the bathtub for extra stability.
And don't forget to think about your bath tub pillow's shape. You can find comfortable bath pillows in these shapes: rectangular, shell-shaped, square, round, contoured...there are endless choices and there is no one right answer for the question "What is the best shape for a bathtub pillow?"
Finally, how much do you want to spend on a bath pillow? Do you want a bath pillow for under $10 or will you be willing to invest more and get a top quality bath tub pillow for your bath?
How to save time and money shopping for bath pillows
When you shop for your bath pillow, here is how to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  1. First jot down all the things you want in your bath pillow: the size, the shape, the material, and the price.
  2. Now go to some online stores that sell bath pillows and sort the choices by your criteria.
For example, at Amazon you can set the display to show you bath pillows arranged in order of cheapest to most expensive. And you can choose to only show you the pillows of a certain shape. This will help you focus in quickly on the pillows that really suit your bathing needs, and you won't waste time shopping for bathtub pillows.
Enjoy your next delicious hot bath with a comfortable bath pillow tucked behind your head! Don't forget to put some candles in the bathroom, burn some sweet incense, or add some aromatherapy oils for the ultimate in decadence. After your bath rub a good lotion into your skin to keep it smooth and soft.