Laptops are a great tool. You do your work and keep updated while you're on the go. However, we don't always need to spend a fortune on one. Laptops are available for reasonable prices, we just need to know what to look for. This guide will help you in your search for a reasonably priced laptop.

Things You Will Need

General Computer Knowledge

Step 1

A big part of finding the best deal is knowing where to look. Shop around and try online stores. If you're not in a hurry, wait a little while for the best deal to appear. This will also help you get educated on what a laptop should cost.

Step 2

You'll want to know something about computers. This will help you make a better informed choice and get the best bang for your buck. Imagine you come across two laptops with the same price--which one do you pick? Well this is where your knowledge will help you make the right choice.

Step 3

Now that you know a thing or two about computers, compare the specifications. Often times, you can find a much better deal if you know what all the specifications mean. To find out the specifications in the store, there may be an attached sticker or you can write down the model and look it up online.

Step 4

Take a look at benchmarks. To help out, laptops with Windows Vista has a tool called "Windows Experience Index." To access this right click "Computer" and click properties. A number should be posted next to the experience index. This number is a numerical representation of the computers performance. Generally, the higher the number, the better the computer's performance. You can compare this number with other laptops to find the best one.

One thing to look at closely is the processor. You'll want a high performing processor. Sometimes you can find a cheap laptop because they have older technology. To find the best processor, look it up on CPU benchmark websites.

Step 5

Read reviews online. You'll want to do this to find out what other people liked or disliked about their laptops. If you've decided to pick a certain laptop, you may read a review and find out about a flaw you weren't aware of.

Step 6

One big way to save money is to buy a netbook instead of a laptop. A netbook is a smaller cheaper version of a laptop. The downside is they have less features (i.e. no CD drive, slower processors, etc.).

Step 7

Check out the warranty and make sure its what you're looking for.

After comparing everything, you'll have a good idea of which budget laptops are the best. Now you simply buy it.

Tips & Warnings