Find the best heated mattress pad and stay warm this winter

A great heated electric mattress padThese days most people believe that an electric mattress pad is uncomfortable and dangerous. Truth be told today's electric bed pad is not only safe but durable and efficient. If you use an electric mattress pad I guarantee you'll be able to turn down the thermostat and save money on your heating bills during the winter, yet still stay toasty warm at night. One great benefit of owning one is being able to turn it on an hour or so before you go to bed so your bed is nice and warm when you go to sleep.  There are many features to consider when shopping for an electric mattress pad, let's look at them.

Besides the obvious are there different sizes to consider?

Besides the obvious consideration of full/queen/king size, you must also look at the depth. A mattress pad has elastic sides designed to go under the mattress to hold it in place. Make sure you choose one that can fit the depth of your mattress.

What kind of power requirements does an electric mattress pad have?

The safest ones will convert the power from your wall outlet, 120 volts into a safe 14-18 volts for use by the unit. For safety sake make sure the electric mattress pad you choose converts the power, you really don't want to be sleeping on 120 volt wires, no matter how durable the electric mattress pad claims to be, especially if there are pets or children around. Also, make sure the power cord is long enough.

Anything I should look for when it comes to electric mattress pad wiring?

To make cleaning easy, make sure the power cable is detachable from the unit, you really don't want to throw the electrical unit into the washing machine.

Any tips on the heating element of the electric mattress pad?

A good quality mattress pad will use heating elements made of very fine wires, making it difficult or even impossible to feel them when you sleep. This is called micro-wire and I suggest you look for this. A poor quality electric mattress pad will have large heating wires that you will most definetly be able to feel while you sleep. This isn't an issue for an electric blanket since the blanket will be above you.

Anything else I should look for in a great electric mattress pad?

Here's some additional features of a top quality electric mattress pad.

  • Make sure the material is a quality polyester/cotton blend. The combin without fear of shrinkage or damage.
  • Make sure there are many heat settings to choose from.
  • For safety and savings make sure the electric mattress pad has an auto off feature,  most are usually 10 hours or so.
  • For queen or king size seperate heat level controls for each side is desirable.

Here's an example of a top notch electric mattress pad, it's available on Amazon.

And here's some more information that will help you choose a great electric mattress pad that will fit your needs perfectly while still not breaking the bank.

To help you find the best mattress pad I suggest reading heated mattress pad reviews on sites like ConsumerSearch or ConsumerReports. These sites have unbiased reviews and often list the lowest prices right in the heated mattress pad reveiws. You 'll also find many useful links right here on this page too.