The mulit functional fuzzy logic is a must have kitchen appliance

zojirushi rice cookerSome people believe that a fuzzy logic rice cooker is a useless kitchen appliance if you already know how to make rice.  well, personally I believe they couldn't be more wrong. The best rice cookers will make perfect rice every time, and without a doubt the fuzzy logic rice cooker, such as the Zojirushi rice cooker is the best. Not only that, by owning one any family member can make the rice, and, as we all know, most of the time the rice takes the most time to cook for dinner so getting a head start is a big bonus.  Read on to discover just what a great fuzzy logic rice cooker can do, and how to buy the best one to fit your needs.

What's so great about a fuzzy logic rice cooker?

Fuzzy Logic Rice CookerWhat does fuzzy logic mean anyway?? Well, a fuzzy logic rice cooker senses how much moisture is in the rice and then adjusts the temperature and cooking time to get the best results. In the end, a fuzzy logic rice cooker is designed to make the absolute best rice every time with absolutely no human intervention.  It compensates for adding too much or too little water and even the relative humidity in the kitchen, simply amazing.

What else can you use a fuzzy logic rice cooker for?
You don't have to just make white rice in a rice cooker. I personally use mine to make Irish oatmeal for me during the winter. I load up the ingredients the night before and set the timer. When I get up I have nice hot, perfectly cooked oatmeal waiting for me every time.

You can also make brown rice and even sushi rice in a fuzzy logic rice cooker, truth be told anything that needs to cook in water for long periods is fair game, from beans to grits to rice, it can do it all.

I've seen some fuzzy logic rice cookers with induction heating, what does that mean?

Stainless Steel Rice CookerInduction heating is the newest feature when it comes to rice cookers. This means they heat more evenly around the pan than older fuzzy logic rice cookers, these types are getting incredible rice cooker reviews everywhere. They do cost a bit more though so if you're absolutely serious about having the most perfect rice these are the way to go.

Any other features I should look for in a good fuzzy logic rice cooker?

There are some other features to look for, keep in mind that you will pay more for these so make sure you'll actually use them.  The key here is to decide which features you need and which ones you don't because the more features, the more money you'll spend.

  • Choose a fuzzy logic cooker with a timer so you can load it up and have rice (or oatmeal) waiting for you when you get home, or when you get up in the morning.
  • Look for a keep warm timer, this means the fuzzy logic rice cooker will keep the rice warm if you don't immediately remove it.  When the rice is done it'll reduce the heat to keep it warm.  It doesn't mean you can keep it in there for hours though.
  • Some rice cookers have a steamer attachment, nice multi-tasking feature to have.
  • Look for a non-stick interior coating to make cleanup easy.  This is more of a requirement if you'll cook other things like oatmeal.
  • Make sure the fuzzy logic cooker has an easy to clean surface, such as stainless steel pots.  On the outside however plastic will stay cool during the cooking cycle, a consideration if you have kids.
  • Stay cool handles are a nice feature to have as well

Here's an example of a top notch fuzzy logic rice cooker that does everything right, available on Amazon.

How much does a fuzzy logic rice cooker cost?

1 Cup Rice CookerWell, that depends on the size and features, not too mention if it's on sale or not. I'd suggest using ebates once you decide which store you'll purchase from to maximize your savings.  I suggest you read rice cooker reviews on such sites as ConsumerSearch and Consumer Reports. These sites have rice cooker reviews written by unbiased users just like yourself and often times have the lowest prices listed right in the rice cooker reviews. You will, of course, find many useful links right here on this page too.