MP3 player casesAmazingly the iPod, despite it's cost, does not come with an MP3 player case. They look great at first but after even just a few weeks they can get all scratched up. It really doesn't make much sense to carry around a $200 or even $300 iPod without an mp3 player case to protect it. I'm going to walk you through what you should consider when you decide to buy an mp3 player case for your iPod.

What mp3 player case fits my iPod?

Well, there are many types of iPods, and many types of mp3 player cases to go along with them. To determine your model of iPod just look on the back, it should state exactly what model it is. Make sure you get an mp3 player case made for this model.

Get an mp3 player case according to how you carry your iPod

Many people don't consider how they carry their iPod but should. Do you carry it in your bag and just run the headphones out to your ears? Do you carry it in your pocket. Will you use it out jogging or even in the rain?

You should purchase a case based on the WORST conditions that you will carry your iPod in. Not having the right case can mean unnecessary scratches or worse.

What material should the mp3 player case be made out of?

A good case can be made out of vinyl, leather, plastic or even aluminum. Basically a hard plastic or aluminum mp3 player case is great to protect your iPod from scratches or drops. A soft mp3 player case will really only protect against scratches.

Make sure the case you choose is waterproof if you'll carry your iPod in the rain. Remember it only takes one drop of water to destroy it.

And finally, you should also keep in mind that a hard mp3 player case might make it impossible to carry the iPod in your pocket.

How should the mp3 player attach to me?

If the case is designed to clip to your belt, or attach to your arm (for use during jogging) make sure the case has an extremely secure attachment method. It'll be kind've annoying if the case causes you to drop the iPod over and over again.

Don't get a case that causes the very damage you're trying to prevent!

How much does an mp3 player case cost?

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The cost of a good case is really determined by the material and quality, not to mention any sales that may be going on at the time. A great way to save additional money is to use ebates, which gives you cash back on just about all your online purchases.  I would highly suggest you read ipod case reviews from such sites as Consumer Search and Consumer Reports. Reading ipod case reviews from unbiased users such as yourself can really help you get the best mp3 player case for your iPod. You will of course find many more useful links right here on this page to help you get the best case too.