There are so many mattresses on the market, it can be difficult to know how to buy the best mattress for your money. With so many options and some many price points, learning how to buy the best mattress for you takes some time and doing a little research to ensure you find a mattress that fits your needs and budget as well as will ensure a wonderful nights sleep for years to come.

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Step 1

One of the smartest things anyone can do when trying to buy the best mattress, is make sure to find a mattress that offers a trial period or no-strings attached return warranty. Many mattress companies offer these types of policies today and they ensure that you do not end spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a mattress that ends up being uncomfortable. The trial period on your mattress should last a minimum of thirty days which is enough time to fully test the mattress. When you are trying to buy the best mattress make sure to ask for a trial period even if it isn't directly offered. Any good mattress store or company will happily agree.

Step 2

Another non-negotiable in your mattress search should be a sound warranty. Mattresses are meant to last a long time and are an investment. Good mattresses offer warranties for a minimum of ten years, which according to most mattress experts is the minimum life span of a mattress. This warranty should cover all major aspects of the mattress and should offer to replace or repair the mattress in case of trouble. Also, if you are buying a temperpedic mattress, the warranty should be a little longer because they are meant to last longer. When trying to buy the best mattress always ask about the manufacturer and store warranty policies.

Step 3

In today's world when many of shy away from intimidating salespeople, it will actually do you a disservice to do so when buying a mattress. The sales person is your best friend in this process and it is important to find a great one. Make sure to ask the sales person about their knowledge of mattresses and ensure they provide solid responses. They should be able to tell you about a variety of mattresses at different price points that align to your sleeping needs, weight, and climate.

Step 4

Finally, before ever stepping into a store, you should do a lot of research to see what is out there. You want to know the general price points for different mattresses and also the major brands on the market. Go into the store as an intelligent consumer with a strong idea of what you want and how much you want to spend. Do not be afraid to share your knowledge as well as competing prices you saw online. In many cases the price point isn't fixed and you can actually do some negotiating on price, terms, and warranties. To buy the best mattress, you need to know what you want and set a budget! Do you research before setting foot in a store and ensure you walk out with the right mattress for you.

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Shop around and look for specials!