Office guest chairs are ubiquitous chairs found in reception areas, waiting rooms, conference rooms and as secondary chairs for a visitors in an office cubicle. They are often after-thoughts when furnishing an office, but are essential for almost any work place. Unlike desk chairs which require comfort for extensive use by one individual, office guest chairs are meant to be used to by many visitors. They need to moderately comfortable for different types of people, study enough to take abuse from kids but at the same time make visitors feel welcome. Office guest chairs prices can range from less than a hundred dollars to many hundreds of dollars. An office will have to buy many office guest chairs for each desk chairs and a small price difference between between the guest chairs can make a big difference in cost. However, you do not want to buy the cheapest chair as these will not last long and may not make visitors feel comfortable. So some consideration should be made to balance the cost of office guest chairs versus the needs of visitors.

office guest chairsThe first consideration when choosing office guest chairs is to find ones that will fit with the style and decor of the office. If you have an ultra modern office, look for chairs that have a fresh look. On the other hand, if your office is conservative, low key chairs would best fit the bill. Remember that the office decor will change over time so it is probably best not to get office guest chairs that are too "now" or they will look dated in a few years. Look for chairs that are sturdy can withstand a lot of abuse. Metal and wood furniture are very sturdy and last a long time. Materials such as fabric or plastic do not stain easily and can go for years without tearing. On the other hand. vinyl and leather may tear and stain easily. They also require some care to keep looking good.

What to look for in office guest chairs:

  • Decide on wheels or no wheels. Chairs with wheels are ideal for working or for a conference room. But for reception areas or waiting rooms where you want visitors to stay in the same place, wheeled chairs are not a good idea. Wheels are also more costly and more work to maintain.
  • Look for office guest chairs that only allow for minimal adjustments. As these chairs will be used by many different people, the ability to customize the chair to an individual's taste is of low value. Also, you don't want to have guests spend all of their time distracted by trying to customize their seats.
  • Office guest chairs should be of low height. Some shorter visitors can have trouble with high chairs and most people do not like feeling that they are perching on a pedestal. Also there are some advantages to being at a slightly raised level than a visitor.