The right gaming mouse will improve your gameplay immensely

A great PC gaming mouse!A PC gaming mouse is a great addition to your gaming arsenal. After all, have you ever tried targeting your enemy using a sniper rifle only to miss becuase of an inaccurate mouse? Do yourself a favor, go out and get a dedicated gaming mouse, your gaming will be much better and your opponents will hate you for it! There are some important features to look for when you go out and get a gaming mouse, let's look at them.

What does DPI mean in a PC gaming mouse?

The Razor gaming mouseDPI, or dots per inch, is a measurment of how accurate the mouse is. Simply put, the higher the dpi the better able the PC gaming mouse is able to target accurately down to the pixel. This comes into play especially when using a sniper type weapon in a shooter game.

A related feature is the speed of the mouse. The best PC gaming mouse will allow you to adjust the speed in which it scrolls across the screen on the fly. With this feature you can zip the mouse around, such as when doing some close quarter fighting and then drop the scroll speed down for some super accurate sniping at the touch of a button right on the mouse itself.

If you're serious about shooters, these two stats are really important to you.

Pictured here and available on Amazon is the Razor Lechesis, an example of a PC gaming mouse that is top notch in both these features.

How many programable buttons should my gaming mouse have?

Microsoft gaming mouseGood question. While it's kind've a waste of money to buy a PC gaming mouse with more features than you'll ever use, it's also bad if you don't get enough programmable buttons. The goal of having a great PC gaming mouse is to eliminate the need to dive for the keyboard when you want to do something.

Generally speaking, the more complicated the type of game you play, the more buttons your PC gaming mouse should have. Another way to look at it is this, shooters generally have very few special buttons you need to press, while MMOs or Role Playing Games have a myriad of keypresses you can make.

Can a PC gaming mouse be customized?

As far as I know there is only one PC gaming mouse that allows you to customize it. The Microsoft gaming mouse allows you to add weights to balance it exactly the way you want. A really nice feature for those long gaming sessions or if you're one of those people who demand having the best gaming mouse.

I play World of Warcraft, is there a PC gaming mouse just for me?

World of Warcraft gaming mouseYou're in luck, the Steelseries WoW gaming mouse just came out and it's amazing! This beauty features 16 million different customizable illumination settings, 130+ predefined macros built in, 15 programmable buttons and can even save 10 different profiles right on board the pc gaming mouse. This is a must have if you run more than one type of character.

It's pictured to the left and is now available on Amazon. The SteelSeries Special Edition World of Warcraft Mouse.

If you're interested in a good comfortable mouse for extended gaming sessions you should read this article detailing what to look for in the best ergonomic gaming mouse.

How much does a good PC gaming mouse cost?

That really depends on the features, quality and even if it's on sale or not. I suggest reading reviews on sites like Amazon to see which ones are the best and the prices are right there. You will of course find many useful links right here on this page too.