So you want to buy a pressure washer, but don't have a ton of money to spend? Well, if you know what you're shopping for there are deals to be found!

Pressure washers basically convert your normal water flow from about 10 PSI(pounds per square inch) to anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 PSI using a motor or an engine. Pressure washers use either an electric motor or a gas powered engine and both pressurize the water differently. Depending on your application, one of these will be more practical for you than the other.

If you're looking for a pressure washer to wash your car, or clean off patio furniture, etc. you really only need a smaller electric washer. Electric washers provide plenty of PSI for cleaning, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,300 to 2,000 PSI. In a pinch electric washers can be used for bigger jobs like cleaning decks or the side of your home, but are really better suited for smaller tasks.

electrical pressure cleaner

Many of the smaller electric power washers have a handle and can be carried while being used, while the larger electric washers that use induction motors are more stationary. If you plan to use your power washer a lot it is recommended that you spend a little more and get one with an induction motor as they tend to last longer than the smaller brush motors.

gas powered pressure cleaner

If you're looking for a power washer to clean the outside of your house, driveway, retaining walls, or other large surfaces, you should probably invest in a gas powered model. Gas powered power washers can be divided into three categories; Consumer, Professional, and in between there are Prosumer models. For most home applications the consumer model is all you'll ever need, and if you're main goal is to save money, consumer is the only way to go. The prosumer models are obviously more expensive, but for that extra money you get a more powerful engine, and over all higher quality components that will better withstand more frequent use. If you plan on using your new power washer more than 150 hours per year, you would be better off spending the extra money and upgrading to a prosumer model because it will simply last longer. As far as professional pressure washers… If you're reading this article chances are you don't need one so there is no reason to even discuss them.

So where can you find the best deal on pressure washers? As with anything else nowadays, look to the internet! You can always find great deals at Amazon, Sears, Walmart, or just about any other large retailer, just do your homework and first figure out what you need. An educated shopper always gets the best deals.