A common remote dog collarA remote dog training colloar is a wonderful tool to have for training your dog outdoors when you don't have the benefit of using a leash.  Dog training can be a frustrating and annoying thing to do without the right training equipment. The remote dog collar is one of the most useful dog obedience training products available. The remote dog collar works by delivering a small shock to the dog at the push of a button. Don't be alarmed, the shock is harmless, it's like you or me getting a static electric shock, startling, but certainly not harmful. Remember, the remote dog collar is NOT a tazer! There are many models and styles of remote dog collar available, let's go through some of the important features to look for when you're ready to buy a remote dog collar.

Important features to look for in a remote dog collar

Make sure the remote collar has an appropriate range for where it will be used. For inside the home the remote dog collar can have short range, but for outside make sure it has enough, some of the better models will give a warning when your pup moves too far away from you.

Make sure the remote collar has adjustable intensity levels. Most of the time you'll keep the remote dog collar on the low setting, but if your dog gets distracted and/or runs off you should be able to dial up the setting on the remote dog collar and get the dogs attention, once again, some of the better models will have a 'panic' button.

A good training collar has an audible mode. The good quality collars have an audible setting that at first is used in conjunction with the shock. Eventually the dog will respond to the sound only and no longer need the shock. This is a really nice feature to use as your pup get's more accustomed to doing the right thing and no longer needs to be corrected as much.

A remote dog collar should have rechargeable batteries. This will save you money in the long run, a nice feature to have.  If it doesn't come with them then buy them, it's worth it.  There should be some type of power indicator as well that lets you know the batteries are running low.

How do I get the best remote dog collar?

Remote Dog Training Collars on Amazon.  Great selection, great reviews.

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Well, I suggest reading dog training collar reviews on such sites as ConsumerSearch or ConsumerReports. They have honest, unbiased dog training collar reviews written by people just like yourself. You will also find many useful links right here on this page too.