Buying the Best Security System for Your Car

Basically there are three main features that need to be confirmed while buying a security system for your car, viz. the system should incorporate a 2 way remote control system, facilitating remote locking/unlocking of your vehicles entrances, trunk, bonnet etc. accompanied by a revert confirmation message to your handset, the exchanged messages should be clone-proof, and the supported range should be beyond 1000 feet.

The best example of such a security system may be witnessed and learned in AVENUE SOUND, where you can choose from many brands having all the discussed facilities.

 Let’s discuss the above requirements with an in-depth view:


  • 2-way Remote Start System with Two 1-Button Remotes – This feature allows you to start the ignition of your vehicle using a convenient, tiny remote control handset. The feature becomes extremely useful since the owner is able to start his vehicle from any location within the specified limits. You may think, why would somebody need a remote starting facility, the traditional method of physically entering the car and starting it looks more logical? You may be true to a certain extent, however with the changing world; time is one parameter that’s becoming more and more precious. With a remote starting facility, you save a lot of time as you are able to put your vehicle in the standby position even before you are inside the car, meaning now you just enter the car accelerate and vroooom…you are off, say bye to the squeaking self starting method using mechanical vulnerable keys. When I say vulnerable I mean, any type of mechanical device, say for example your car keys can be easily duplicated, but your remote control can never be duplicated even by an electronic freak. That simply means that having your ignition control in an advanced electronic domain is safer than the traditional mechanical counterparts. Remote start car security systems are quick, efficient, fuel saver and safe.


  • Remote start system with Clone-safe and Code Hopping technology – As mentioned above, the modern remote start method of vehicles is the safest and most reliable methods you can find. The reason is, the incorporation of the latest code-hopping technology. As the name suggest the technology is based on the generation of randomly selected coded frequency for implementing the various security operations. The random generation of different sets of codes is termed as code hopping. Thus due to the random code generation, the transmission pattern becomes strongly shielded from the hackers, the method is considered to be even better than the encryption method.


  • Supported Range of Operation: The above features would be quite ineffective and worth-less if the range is not insignificantly rated. Optimally, the range across which these units must work should not be less than a 1000 feet, in fact it should be a lot more. This becomes especially useful in cases when your car is required to be parked at longer distances away from your office or house.


  • Shock Alarm: This is another feature which cannot be ignored and must be present in rthe form of an intelligent shock alarm system. This system intimates you instantly if anybody plays with your parked vehicle casually or may be with dangerous intentions. The sent warning messages is accompanied with corresponding alarm outputs from the vehicle itself.