A UV toothbrush sanitizer is one of the best ways to keep you and your family healthy and prevent the spread of colds and other illnesses during the winter months. The average toothbrush, kept on the bathroom sink has about 1 million germs on it. Using a UV toothbrush sanitizer will kill those germs including, HIV, The cold sore virus herpes, hepatitis, cold virus, flu, salmonella, gingivitus and meningitus. It really makes no sense to reinfect your mouth with these germs every time you brush your teeth. Having a UV tooth brush sanitizer is a great way to protect yourself and your family from passing around the same illnesses over and over through infected toothbrushes.

Things You Will Need

- Understand the size of the toothbrush sanitizer that is best for your family.  For a single person obviously a small, or even a travel toothbrush sanitizer is good enough.  For a family however the unit should be able to store and clean multipe brushes at the same time.

- You should also decide now if the unit will sit on the sink/shelf or will be mounted to the wall.  A wall mounted unit will take up less space and thus more likely to be used more often.

Why use a UV toothbrush sanitizer?

There are two types of toothbrush sanitizers. The UV toothbrush sanitizer and the stean/heat toothbrush sanitizer. They both are equally effective in killing germs. The difference is the UV toothbrush sanitizer will not dry the toothbrush. This generally isn't an issue if you store the toothbrushes inside the UV toothbrush sanitizer. The UV type is also much cheaper.

What size UV toothbrush sanitizer should I get?

Without exception you should choose a UV toothbrush sanitizer that will allow you to store your entire families toothbrushes inside of it. There are also travel models that will disinfect and store one toothbrush.

Any other features to look for in a UV toothbrush sanitizer?

Make sure the UV toothbrush sanitizer your interested in is waterproof. It will be sitting in the bathroom after all. If possible consider a wall mounted UV toothbrush sanitizer to keep it away from other 'germy' bathroom items.

UV Toothbrush Sanitizers on Amazon!

So there you have it, choosing the best UV tooth brush sanitizer is quite easy when you know what features to look for. If you still are undecided try reading some reviews from such sites as Consumer Search, Consumer Reports and especially on Amazon since those reviews are written buy actual consumers who have used the product.  Don't underestimate the value of unbiased UV toothbrush sanitizer reviews from real users just like yourself. You'll also find some helpful links right here on this page to help you find the best UV tooth brush sanitizer for your family.

Here's a great article to check out if you still need more information to help you decide which is the best toothbrush sanitizer to get for yourself and your family.