Get the best vacuum cleaner for your money!Let's face it, vacuuming sucks. But, with the best vacuum cleaner at least it can be done quickly and efficiently. With the wrong vacuum cleaner however, the chore is even worse. When you're out to buy the best vacuum cleaner make sure you pay attention to the following details. I'll even mention some things that aren't mentioned by even the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers.

Get the best vacuum cleaner for the job you need to do

There are three types of vacuum cleaners available. The upright vacuum, canister vacuum and the handheld vacuum. For this article we'll only consider the canister and upright vacuums, the handheld is for a totally different use.

  1. The canister vacuum: This is the best vacuum cleaner to get if you have lots of complicated maneuvering to do, or furniture to clean under. The 'workings' are stored in the main unit and you just move around the nozzle part which makes maneuverability much easier. This is also the best vacuum cleaner to get if storage space is at a minimum since they take up less space, generally they'll fit in the bottom of a closet.  Not easy to move up/down stairs, or even use on the stairs.
  2. The upright vacuum cleaner: This is the best one to get if your cleaning area is easy to maneuver around, or you have many rooms to vacuum. All the workings are in one unit making it very easy to move around your home.  Generally these have less power though.
  3. The handheld variety is only really good for spot cleaning.  I'm not going to cover this type since generally all normal size models have a hose or attachment that can be used for spot cleaning small areas.

The best vacuum cleaner has the right amount of power for the job

Most people automatically go for the most powerful vacuum cleaner they can find, sometimes though this is not the best vacuum cleaner to get. Consider the following...

  1. If you have area rugs a powerful vacuum cleaner will just lift the rug and possibly damage it.
  2. Higher power vacuum cleaners are usually much louder, not the best vacuum cleaner to get if you live in an apartment building and don't want to annoy your neighbors.
  3. A high power vacuum cleaner will cost more money. Get the best vacuum cleaner for the job, not necessarily the most powerful.

On the other side of the coin a weaker unit will mean vacuuming more often to achieve the same amount of cleaning a more powerful unit can do.  As a general rule you'll want a more powerful unit if you have carpeting, for hard flooring weaker models will do.

Other features to look for in the best vacuum cleaner

Check out the dirt storage, is it bagless? is the storage large enough? Also consider that even the best vacuum cleaner will lose suction power as it begins to fill, this isn't a consideration with Dyson vacuums though.

The best units will use a HEPA filter. This filters out contaminents as the vacuum cleans out the air. It really doesn't make much sense to throw dirt out of the vacuum exhaust while you vacuum. The best vacuum cleaners won't do this.

Does the vacuum have a hard floor cleaning setting? Most vacuums are great on carpets but really suck on hard flooring as the brushes don't reach low enough. Good quality vacuums will have a setting specifically for hard flooring.

And of course make sure the construction and warranty are up to snuff.  The longer the warranty the more the manufacturer trusts their product.

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is ergonomically friendly and easy to maneuver. Consider it isn't the best thing to get a large, 50 pound powerhouse vacuum cleaner for a 75 year old woman, it will just go unused.

If you're looking for a more portable unit for your car, read this article that'll help you find a great car vacuum cleaner.

How much does the best vacuum cleaner cost?

Vacuum Cleaners on Amazon.

Generally it is impossible to say exactly, it depends on where you shop, the model and of course if it's on sale. I suggest you read vacuum cleaner reviews from such sites as ConsumerSearch and ConsumerReports. Not only do they have unbiased vacuum cleaner reviews from users just like yourself but they often times list the prices on the best vacuum cleaner right in the review. You will of course find many useful links right here on this page too.