Fido shouldn't freeze this winter, get a good heated pet bed

This pup likes his heated dog bedGetting a heated dog bed for your furry friend is a great idea, whether to pamper the little guy, or even as an orthopedic treatment for an older dog. A high end heated pet bed not only has heat built in, but massaging action as well, a great and welcome feature if you have an older dog.  Although your pet certainly can't tell you when he/she is cold, you can tell by the way he acts.  If your pet is curled up or tries to get as close as possible to heat sources then perhaps he's cold and uncomfortable.  In addition, if your older pet is having trouble moving around in the morning a heated pet bed may be the way to go.

What features should I be aware of when shopping for a good heated pet bed?

Most dogs like to curl up in a space that's just large enough to fit them, they don't really like big open spaces to sleep in. A heated dog bed comes in three sizes; small, medium and large usually determined by the weight of the pooch. If you're unsure, or if the heated dog bed gives actual measurements, then measure your dog when it's sleeping and get a size that's just big enough to fit him.

Generally this is a personal choice, usually determined by the space the heated dog bed will be placed in. A heated dog bed can be found in square, round and rectangle shapes.

There are two main styles; the simple mat, which is flat, and the style with raised edges. My dog likes to lean up against something when she sleeps so I got the heated dog bed with the raised sides. Again, this is a personal choice. You alone know the way your dog likes to sleep.

Should I get a heated dog bed with the massaging feature?

You really need to know your dog for this, some dogs get a little skittish around mechanical objects and really need time to get used to them.

Keep in mind that the massaging action is not continuous, it's stays on for about 5 minutes, then off for 15 minutes, then on again. Check the documentation with the heated dog bed to see how it works.

My pooch took a few weeks to get used to it, now she loves it. My friends dog, on the other hand, never got used to it.  In fact now, even with the massage off, the little guy won't go near the bed.  In the end it may take a little time for your dog to get used to it but it really has a great effect on the dog.

Any additional features I should look for in a heated dog bed?

Another great heated dog bedJust one really, a removable cover. Obviously you don't want to throw the whole heated dog bed into the washing machine, that'll destroy the electrical components. Nearly every heated dog bed has a removable cover, make sure it does before you buy it though.

Here's some more information that may help you find the best heated pet bed for your little buddy.

Here's a wonderful example of a top notch heated dog bed, in fact, it's the one I got my pup. It's available on Amazon.