Best Immersion BlenderThe hand held blender is one of the newest kitchen gadgets to come along in years. The hand held blender is a godsend, no longer do we have to lug out the big, heavy commercial blender for small jobs. and, with a hand held blender, we can do our blending right in the pot without worrying about damaging anything. When you're out to get a great hand held blender there's lots of things to consider, let's go through them.

Make sure the hand held blender is dishwasher safe

KitchenAid Immersion BlenderSince the stick blender is going to get down right into the food make sure it's easy to clean, preferrable of brushed chrome or stainless steel. If you own a dishwasher it makes sense to choose one that is dishwasher safe. I'd personally avoid white plastic. We all know what happens to plastic when it's exposed to oily foods.

Make sure the hand held blender has plenty of power

Choose one that has plenty of power, the best hand held blenders can work as choppers too, so plenty of power is important.  In fact, if the blender is underpowered there's a real chance the motor will burn out, so choose one that has plenty of power.

Make sure the hand held blender has plenty of attachments

Braun Immersion BlenderA chopping attachment is necessary. Some of the best hand held blender units also come with a whisk for use in mixing egg whites or cream. A carrying bag and even storage jars are sometimes included too.  Multitasking is key to not only saving space in the kitchen, but making cleanup that much easier. 

A good warranty is important with a hand held blender

Commercial Immersion BlendersThe immersion blender is going to be down in the food and exposed to all sorts of liquids and abuse, make sure it includes a good warranty.

The warranty is a good way to gauge how much faith the manufacturer has in their product.  Take a look at the reviews as well to get an idea of the big picture.

Here's a great example of a top notch hand held blender available on Amazon.

How much does a good hand held blender cost

That depends on the power and features, not too mention whether it's on sale or not. I suggest you read immersion blender reviews on sites like ConsumerSearch and ConsumerReports. These sites feature immersion blender reviews written by unbiased users just like yourself and often times list the lowest prices right in the immersion blender reviews. You will, of course, find many useful links right here on this page too.