If you are wondering what is my ideal weight, this article will help you calculate the answer! There are different formulas you can use to calculate your ideal body weight. You could use an online ideal weight calculator or calculate your ideal body fat weight yourself using very basic multiplication and addition. This article will walk you through the algorithm for one commonly accepted formula based on height and weight charts that is tailored specifically for women.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
•    A scale
•    A calculator to find your ideal weight for height


Step 1
Start with a constant. Height and weight charts would put the ideal body weight  for a 5 foot woman at 100 pounds.  Calculations will be based on this number, but assuming that you are not exactly 5 feet tall, the next steps will involve adding on pounds based on how much taller you are than the constant.

Step 2
Determine how many inches over 5 feet you are. If you are 5’8” you are 8 inches taller, an ideal weight calculator would multiply this difference by 5 additional pounds of ideal body fat weight if you are a woman. In this example, you would multiply 8 times 5 to get 40 more pounds on a healthy weight chart.

Step 3
Add the amount in step 3 to the amount in step 2. If you’re a woman an ideal weight calculator would add 100+40=140. For a woman with a medium frame at this height seeking to find "what is my ideal weight," your ideal body weight is 140.

Step 4
Take into consideration the size of your frame. If you have a small frame, you will subtract 10% of the average body fat weight. An ideal weight calculator for the woman in this example would find 140-14=126 pounds. If you have a large frame, you will add 10% of the average body fat weight. For the woman in this example, 140+14=154 pounds.

Step 5
Determine the size of your frame. To do so, put your index finger and thumb of your right hand around your left wrist. If the fingers overlap, you have a small frame so an ideal weight calculator would subtract the 10% as shown above. If your fingers touch, you have a medium frame so you can skip 5. If your fingers don’t touch, you have a large frame, so add the 10% as shown above.

Ideal Body Fat WeightCredit: Amberdawn 2011Please Note:
This formula, like any ideal weight calculator, has no way of differentiating your fat to muscle ratio. It only determines your ideal body fat by presuming your body fat weight based on height and weight charts. If you are very athletic and you’re wondering "What is my ideal weight," you may be heavier due to muscle but still have average body fat or even ideal body fat. The ideal body fat weight in athletic people is higher. You can get a body fat analysis from a doctor or certain digital scales that measure your body fat for a more accurate reading on ideal weight for height if you are athletic.
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