Welcome to the world of advanced science were even athletes are surrounded by lab nerds trying to come up with every possible advantage on the field. So many people watch these world class competitors at home and wonder what they can do to put up the same results. Little do they know that many of these people spend thousands on advanced research and testing to help achieve that high level of performance.

One such thing that many athletes are turning to are studies that calculate V02 max in the body. For those at home that aren't completely sure what that is let me just give a quick and easy explanation. In a nutshell VO2 max is a person's ability to hold, transport and use oxygen in the body during a time of peak activity. So are you can see for somebody in sports like swimming, running or any endurance competition knowing the ins and outs of this can be vitally important knowledge.

When they originally started doing the testing to calculate VO2 max it sparked a big debate about whether many athletes have born ability or acquired ability. But research has shown there are pronounced cases where each appears to be true. In some individuals they are just born with a much higher capacity than the normal person. That shouldn't be all that surprising because I'm sure many of us can think back to when we were younger at all our friends who were athletic or intelligent seemingly their entire lives.

So why exactly do individuals need to calculate VO2 max? Well it is quite simple really and it is simply because if they know the levels they know whether or not they need to improve or try other venues. If an athlete has low levels it seriously puts them at a big competitive disadvantage. When a person finds out they have low VO2 max they can do things such as altitude training and working on increasing blood flow throughout the body.

A good example that comes to mind of scientists working to calculate VO2 max is the show sports science. I distinctly remember them having middle-aged UFC fighter Randy Couture on there and they tested his body. Despite being almost 50 years old he showed levels that were off the charts. His levels were on par with that of a peak athlete in their early 20s. It completely explained how he was able to maintain a championship caliber career as a fighter well into his 40s.

So how exactly do researchers go about calculating VO2 max? Well there are numerous V02 max calculators and formulas out there that give pretty much the same result. If you just want a general estimate there are formulas where you can simply run at a standard pace for a predetermined distance and get a good idea. Most people don't have the time or funding to go get it tested at a lab by professionals.

I hope this helped explain calculating and increasing VO2 max to many of you at home. Just be prepared for more things of this nature in the future as science finds its way more and more into everyday sports.