Are you on the Weight Watchers diet or thinking about starting it but unsure of how to calculate Weight Watcher points? One of the key components of the Weight Watchers diet plan is calculating point values for foods so that you can stay within your daily Weight Watchers point allowance. You do not need any fancy tools or books to do this and instead can save money by calculating points on your own. Learn how to quickly calculate Weight Watchers points yourself.

Things You Will Need

weight calculator nutritional info for food (calories, fat, fiber)

Step 1

Before starting to calculate Weight Watchers points, you first need to know your daily points allowance. This is how many points you are allowed to eat on the plan in order to lose weight. To find out your Weight Watchers point allowance, simply add together the following numbers. If you are a woman, start with 2. If you are male, start with 8. Next, add the following points depending on your age. If you are 17-26 add 4; if you are 27-37 add 3; if you are 38-47 add 2; if you are 38-77 add 1; and if you are over 58 add 0 weight watchers points. Next add the first two digits of your weight. For example, if you weight 160 pounds, add 16 weight watcher points. Finally, consider your activity level. If you sit most of the day add 0, if you move most of the day, add 3. You also get 35 extra flex points per week to use on top of your daily points allowance in any way you wish.

Step 2

To calculate the actual weight watchers points value of the food you are eating, the formula is a bit tricky but easy once you use it a few times. First, take the total calories per serving and divide that by 50. Then take the total fat grams and divide that by 12. Add those two numbers together. Then take total fiber grams and divide that by 5. Subtract this number from the total you got in the first part and that is the number of weight watchers points for the food item. Consider using an online Weight Watchers points calculator, of which there are many, to do this without the calculations.

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