The process of undergoing Personal injury lawsuit may take more time than you can expect. If you are a family member of the injured, you may find yourself stuck between family legal duties and work responsibilities.

However,the long court procedures and legal battle will be much easier if you hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles. It helps you to stay focus on what is important-- time with your injured loved one, and work more for supporting your family's needs.

However, if you want to check how much progress your private lawyer has done; you may do several screening, especially on calculating Personal Injury damages.

Personal Injury asserts compensation for medical expenses, loss income, and emotional loss.

Medical expenses- To compute the medical expenses first gather all pertinent receipts. These include:

1. Emergency and laboratory bill

2. Medical equipment and supplies

3. Medicines and room fees

Segregate the types of receipts according to date and highlight each total amount. Encode the summarized list of expenses and highlight the sum. This gives you the value for your medical expenses.

Loss Income- It is the average monthly and annual income of your injured loved one before his/ her accident. It pertains to the months where the victim was working at his/ her best. To compute for the loss income, you have to gather all the pay slip for the last twelve months prior to the time of accident.

Get the sum of all the months. After this, get the highest earning quarter, and get the average monthly income.

The average monthly income is the reference value for your loss income.

Emotional loss- This is the hardest to compute. Some courts double or triple the medical expenses to get the emotional loss value. However, you may follow these steps, to arrive at a more specific value:

1. Specify how the pain and suffering has affected other facets of your family's life such as finances, companionship, love, nurture, parental/maternal care/ and support.

2. Specify the safety measures or prevention that your loved one has observed. For example, purchasing safety devices in the car, and investing on family health programs.

This helps the court have a preview of how much the injured victim values the family emotionally. The sum of all the expenses for these devices/programs plus the detailed account of the family's pain and suffering will determine the value for emotional loss.

Get the sum of the three: medical expenses, loss income, and emotional loss; and highlight the total amount. This represents your total damages.