The world of a baby is different from that of adults. Babies cry, smile, laugh, grimace and sometimes babbles with incomprehensible sounds. Any married couple with a baby find it a joy to watch their babies making some babbling sounds attempting to mention “mama” or “papa.” But when the baby cries, then there lies the great problem at hand. But worry not for there are some ways to soothe a fussy baby. Want some tips? Then here are some tips just right for you.

        Seize the situation. When there are signs that his diaper is wet and gets irritated with it, have it changed immediately. If you sense that the baby is hungry, then do what a mother instinctively does, have the bottle of milk ready. Check if the baby’s cutie belly was exposed, then you may try applying soothing ointment his little belly.

        If the abovementioned tip did not work, then carry baby and dance with him. Dance steps which are smooth and repetitive have a calming effect to the baby. It may even lead him to a sound sleep if properly executed. Humming a soft and smooth music could accentuate the effect of giving him a calm feeling which will lead to a sound sleep.

        Take the baby on a walk. Leading the baby away from the usual setting will divert his attention to other things. Hence, letting him forget about crying. Try holding him different positions and show him some objects or things that you see along the way. You may find a perfect area and talk to him in a gentle manner as though precise understanding exists between the two of you.

        Stimulate the baby with interesting visual stimuli. Make faces and let him enjoy the tricks while showing him your cutie smiles. You may even bring the baby near a mirror. Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror. It pinches their curiosity and tickles their awareness about themselves.