How to Care for Cashmere

How to Care for Cashmere

When you buy or receive a luxurious and slightly expensive cashmere gift, you want it to look great and last a long time. Cashmere clothing and accessories can last for years as long as proper wear, use and care are followed. Many people avoid purchasing cashmere because they think it is difficult to clean and maintain. It doesn't have to be with a few steps followed.

Cashmere Care Tips

Before putting your cashmere turtleneck, sweater or scarf on always apply deodorant, makeup, hairspray and cologne first. Personal care products can stain and damage cashmere fabric and stains are difficult and expensive to remove.

When ready to remove your cashmere turtlenecks or sweaters, never hang on a hanger since hanging cashmere will stretch it out of shape. Once the shape is distorted, it really can't be returned to normal.

After wearing cashmere, if it isn't soiled and can be re-worn before cleaning, fold it over a shower rod overnight to air it out. Fold and store afterwards.

Always fold cashmere neatly and lay flat when not in use. Try keeping it wrapped in white muslin cloth and keep on a shelf in a closet or drawer. Avoid piling many other items on top of cashmere to prevent wrinkling.

To remove small wrinkles from cashmere: using an ironing board – place a clean white cotton towel flat and then sandwich the garment with another clean white towel on top of the piece. Gently press with a warm, dry iron. Be careful not to burn the cashmere.

Cashmere attracts moths so keeping it covered in muslin will prevent moth attraction as well as adding a cedar block or lavender scent to the closet or drawer will also help to prevent holes and moth damage.

Dry Cleaning Cashmere

Read the manufacturers cleaning and care instructions. Many times, cashmere will state to dry clean only based on the amount of cashmere in the garment. The higher amount of cashmere would indicate the need to dry clean.

Check with your dry cleaners on their cleaning methods for cashmere, especially with stain removal as many chemicals will damage cashmere.

Washing Cashmere

Never put cashmere garments in a washing machine.

Many cashmere garments can be hand washed to gently clean and remove perspiration and light soiling.

Simply fill a clean tub or basin with tepid water and add a small amount of gentle fabric detergent.

Add the garment to the wash and press down into the water. Allow the garment to soak for 20-30 minutes. Do not squeeze, twist or pull on cashmere fabric to avoid wrinkling.

Pour out the wash water and gently rinse the garment with cool water until all residue of soap is removed.

Press gently on the garment in the basin to remove most water and empty the water pan completely.

Lay the cashmere garment down flat onto a thick white cotton towel and apply another thick towel on top.

Press down on the top towel gently to remove additional water from the cashmere.

Change both towels and repeat until most of the water is gone.

Allow the cashmere to dry completely overnight or until fully dry.

Fold and store until needed.

Storing Cashmere

Because cashmere is prone to attacks by moths, keep your fine garments such as this stored with the muslin wrap and place in an airtight container until needed again. This will help your cashmere to stay clean and undamaged by moth holes. Garment bags can also be used to store cashmere.

Cashmere can last for years if cleaned and stored properly. If giving cashmere as a gift, remind the recipient of these cashmere care tips. Read more on Cashmere gifts: