colored hairColored hair can look great when it's new, but after awhile it becomes faded and dull. What can you do to keep your colored hair looking fresh and healthy?

• First, don't wash your hair every day. This isn't a bad idea even for people who don't have colored hair (shampoo strips hair of it's natural oils and can dry it out), but it's especially important for people who do.
• Touch up your hair when it needs it, and use the same color you used before if you are just touching up. Start at the roots and allow that part to settle first before applying the rest of the color.
• Avoid exposing your hair to UV rays any more than you have to. Wear hats or use hair products with sunscreen in them when you go outside to keep your hair color from fading.
• Use a color-protection shampoo. It will be more gentle on your hair and will help to keep your color looking sharp.
• Keep blow drying to a minimum. Heat damage will dry out your hair, and chemical-treated colored hair is more susceptible to becoming dry and broken.
• Keep your hair trimmed. Coloring your hair makes it more fragile, which means it will probably break more often.
• Be gentle when you dry your hair. Don't rub it with a towel; instead, blot it carefully.
• Use a wide-tooth comb on your wet hair instead of a brush. The comb is more gentle and will help you to avoid breaking your hair.
• Wet hair with non-chlorinated water before going into a pool to dilute the effects of the chlorine.

Following these guidelines will help you keep your color looking crisp and vibrant for as long as possible.