Gray. It's the New Black.

Going gray can be liberating. It frees people up from costly and time consuming dye jobs and those aging Beautiful gray hairwhite roots but it takes time and energy to properly care for gray hair.

A beautifully groomed head of gray hair looks chic, sophisticated and elegant. Colors range from shiny silver to steel to slate.

Gray hair looks particularly good on people with cool skin tones. It showcases a healthy skin and it's a perfect complement to brightly colored fashions or a bright red lipstick.

If you've been dyeing your hair and are ready to go gray, consult the colorist at your local beauty salon. He or she may recommend dyeing the hair around your face gray and maintaining a short cut until all of the dyed hair has grown out.

Another option is to have gray streaks put into your hair. This makes the growing out process less obvious.

To keep it healthy and shiny, there are some special rules for caring for gray hair.

Why we go Gray

Our hair color is determined by pigments. Eumelanin produces brown and black hair. Pheomelanin creates red or blond hair.Gray hair

As we age, the body produces less and less of these pigments.

There are a number of factors that determine when people begin to go gray. The biggest factor is genetics but the environment or medical conditions may also be an influence.

Most people have at least some gray hair by the time they reach their late 40s.

When Gray Hair Isn't Flattering

The biggest problem with gray hair is that it may have yellow or brassy tones. That's because gray hair is veryNichole Kidman porous and picks up pollutants easily.

Here are some tips to care for gray hair and keep it beautiful.

Don't smoke and don't go around cigarette smoke. If you've ever seen the greasy, yellow stained walls in the home of a heavy smoker, think of what that would look like on your hair.

Buy the right shampoo. Look for a blue or violet-colored  shampoo. They are best at fighting brassy tones. Your beauty salon may have some appropriate products in stock or shop your local drugstore. Despite our aging population, there are not a lot of products designed for gray hair on the shelves.

But there are some very, very good ones.

Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are designed to add moisture.

Don't overuse blow dryers or curling irons.

Keep your hair covered if you are spending a lot of time in the sun or in very smoggy conditions.

Get Rid of the Brassy Tones

There are two easy ways to get rid of the yellow, brassy tones in gray hair.Lemon(89802)

The first is inexpensive and avoids chemicals.

Simply squeeze the juice of a lemon into two cups of warm water. Wash your hair as normal. Do not use conditioner. Pour the lemon mixture over the hair. Dry and style as usual. You may have to do this a few times to see if it is effective.

They other option is to create a "soap cap"

Mix equal amounts of shampoo and creme developer. The developer is very inexpensive and available in most drug stores.

Put the mixture through the hair and cover with a plastic cap for 10 to 20 minutes depending how brassy your hair is. Do not leave in for more than 20 minutes.

Rinse. Dry and style as usual.

Some Final Tips

Maintain a great hair style. Individual gray hairs are thicker and coarser than colored hair but as people Beautiful grayage they may see thinning or balding sections. A lot of the natural curl may be lost.

Choose a cut that offers a lot of movement and body, and flatters your face.

Don't forget to care for your gray hair from the inside out. Exercise, get plenty of rest and eat well. B vitamins are particularly helpful in maintaining healthy hair.

It may require an adjustment every time you look in the mirror, but you will get used to your gray hair.

Be prepared for lots of compliments.