Industrial power tools


The following tips will help you take proper care for your tools.

  1. Ensure that they're turned off and unplugged when carrying out maintenance. This will not only protect you from injury but will also prevent them from being damaged during the maintenance process.

  2. Be sure to read the instruction booklets of the tools that you are dealing with. Manufacturers will recommend the frequency of maintenance checks that they must undergo in a year. It is important to adhere to these recommendations in order to lengthen their life span.

  3. If a given tool has a problem, take your time to study the user manual. Many manufacturers will include troubleshooting instructions in booklets accompanying machines or on their website. Take the time to read through the manual to find out what the problem could be.

  4. Be sure only to use a qualified professional for their repair. Check to ensure that the individual has been properly trained to repair them before you allow them to. Ask for certification or registration where appropriate as evidence of training and experience in working with them.

  5. Ensure that all personnel using the power tools are trained in their use. This will not only prevent injuries and improve efficiency in work but will also ensure that they are handled with care therefore preventing damage to them.

  6. Schedule regular cleaning for them and ensure that they are cleaned according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  7. Schedule regular in-house maintenance of the tools. This maintenance can include greasing of moving parts and inspection for damage amongst many other routine activities that do not require the assistance of a trained technician.

  8. Damaged equipment should not be used unless a trained technician has inspected and repaired them. Tools with cracks and other damage can cause injuries to those using the tools. Cracks and other similar damage to the machine can also be made worse by their continued use  without repairing them

Although regular maintenance of industrial air power tools may seem too involving and expensive, it actually saves time and money in the long run. Negligence could result in serious injury or serious damage of the tools. This could translate to law suits (in the case of personal injuries) and down time.

Industries also lose a lot of money replacing and repairing tools that become seriously damaged over time because of poor maintenance. Using tools that are damaged only makes the problem worse in the long run.