Oak furniture, desks included, is a superior choice for the home and office. Oak wood holds up well over time, and it is strong enough to support everything that might need to be placed on top of unfinished desk furniture and finished desk furniture alike. Out of the many different kinds of wood that are available for furniture, oak has long been recommended for its beauty and durability, but these characteristics will not last long if oak furniture is not cared for properly. With that in mind, here is a basic guide on how to care for oak furniture desks.

Things You Will Need

Non-abrasive rag, soap, water, furniture polish

Dust Oak Furniture Desks Regularly

Dust your oak furniture desk regularly with a soft, non-abrasive rag and a recommended cleaning spray. Dust is an ever-present reality in life, and it seems as if one never stops cleaning the fine layer of dust particles that appears on any surface in the house. Without regular dusting, furniture can get dulled and scratched by the dust particles.

Polish all Oak Furniture, Including Oak Desks

Polish oak furniture desks at least once a year. After dusting, polishing an oak furniture desk is the most important step to take in order to maintain the appearance of oak furniture. During the course of everyday use, office desk chairs and other items scrape against the surface and sides of a desk, dulling the finish. Re-polishing it frequently will help restore the furniture's original sheen. Just make sure you use a furniture polish designed for oak and apply it to the cloth, not the desk, before polishing.

Keep An Eye on the Desks' Environment

Keep the environment in which the oak desk is stored cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight. Wood will warp if it gets too warm and damp. Sunlight will fade an oak desk if it is shining on the furniture piece directly, so use blinds and shades to keep the direct light away from the surface of the desk.

Clean Oak Furniture Desks Regularly

Clean oak furniture desks from time to time. Dusting regularly will keep oak furniture clean for the most part, but every piece will get dirt and oils that cannot be removed through normal dusting. Water and a mild soap can be used to get rid of such build up, and there are also other special wood soaps that do the job well.


With a little care, even the oldest piece of oak furniture can be kept looking like new for generations. Follow these steps carefully and you will enjoy your oak furniture desks and other oak pieces for many years to come.

Tips & Warnings

• Make sure to dry the desk immediately if you clean it with water.

• Use only cleaners and polishes tailored specifically to oak furniture.

• Make sure to place coasters on your oak furniture desks before you place a glass or any other liquid container on the furniture.

• Keeping the top of the desk clear will help you know whether harmful substances are touching the finish directly.