Ways to extend the life of your Sauder Furniture.

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Wood particles left from lumber processes are bonded together with synthetic resin to make Sauder furniture. Sauder wood panels are laminated to give the product a strong, wooden appearance. You can find Sauder wood furniture in most wood colors such as cherry, oak, pine and maple. Sauder furniture is also available in black, white and espresso.

Who buys Sauder furniture? Individuals starting out on their own, college students, persons who are starting over and anyone looking for affordable furniture generally buy sauder furniture. A piece of sauder furniture costs only a fraction of what you would pay for solid wood pieces. Some people avoid buying Sauder items because they’re not sure how to care for it. Here are some tips on how to keep your Sauder wood furniture looking new for many years to come.

Cleaning and Caring for Sauder Furniture

  • It’s recommended that you use regular furniture polish to clean or dust Sauder wood furniture.
  • Avoid placing moist or wet items on the item's surface. As with any type of furniture, use coasters to prevent moisture rings.
  • Clean up spills immediately to prevent damage to the laminate. Otherwise, the moisture will penetrate into the laminate and cause the finish to separate.
  • Avoid putting sharp items to prevent scratches on the furniture. Make sure that items such as lamps and vases have a velvet finish underneath.

Moving Sauder Furniture

  • Avoid dragging Sauder wood furniture. Dragging will cause the laminate to separate and possibly break off. Instead, have someone help you lift the item and carry it to its new location. Dragging a furniture piece often will also cause the screws to loosen, and you’ll have a wobbly piece of furniture.
  • Another option is to use moving skates. Lift the item from one side and place a skate under it. Lift the other side and place another skate under the furniture piece. Roll the item to the desired location. Simply remove the skates.
  • You can often find moving skates, also called mover skates, at machinery shops and hardware stores. Moving companies often carry skates as well.
  • Protect your sauder furniture when moving. Use movers’ blankets to prevent knicks and scratches.

Touching Up Scratches and Knicks on Sauder Furniture

It’s better to prevent damage, but if you happen to get minor scratches or knicks on your Sauder wood furniture, don’t panic. Buy a small can of furniture stain - same color as the furniture. Dip a corner of the rag in the stain. Dab a piece of cardboard with the rag to get rid of any excess stain. Rub the damaged area with the rag. Work the stain into the scratch. Wipe off any excess. The damage should become inconspicuous.

Overall, because Sauder furniture is available in most wood colors, you can incorporate sauder wood furniture into any decor. For example, oak and pine finish furniture are ideal for country decor. Cherry finish furniture goes well with any traditional decorating style such as old English, Victorian or French. Espresso and black sauder furniture pieces are a smart choice if you prefer a contemporary, or modern, style. Best of all, with the proper precautions, your Sauder furniture will stay looking new and save you money for many years to come.

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