Looking After Your Shoes

Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Shoes

We all have our favourite pairs of shoes, but do you know how to care for shoes to protect them and make them last for as long as possible? Our shoes make a statement about how we are, they can reflect our personality, style and taste, not to mention we spend a lot of time walking around in them each day, so it is hard not to get attached to your favourite high heels or comfortable loafers. So why wouldn't you want to protect them so they last longer and you can enjoy them for longer. Knowing how to care for shoes can make your favourite pairs of shoes last, giving you a much longer time to enjoy them. If you are sick of always buying new shoes to replace old, broken ones, the check out these helpful tips and tricks on how to care for shoes, so that you aren’t wasting your money replacing shoes all the time.

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How to Care for Shoes

Tips and Tricks

When buying a shoe cleaning kit, make surethat it includes brushes, polishes and shoe conditioner.

Always use a wax polish.

Polish your shoes regularly if they are leather, not just when they look scuffed or dirty. A good shoe polish will protect, condition and shine your shoes.

Get rid of surface dirt before you apply a shoe polish, otherwise the polish will clump and be uneven on your shows. Finish with a soft rag or soft brush to create a proper shine.

Brush suede shoes with a suede brush (they usually come with brass bristles), as this will get rid of any dust and dirt and will restore the pile. Spray them with a waterproofing spray to protect them further from the elements.

Don’t wear new shoes out in the rain as they will be ruined because they haven’t had a chance to weather yet.

Let wet shies dry naturally – don’t just put them in the oven or dryer.

Store shoes on shoe trees to maintain their shape and protect them.

Don’t put trainers or runners in the washing machine. This will cause the glue in the seams of the shoe to melt. Instead, clean them with an old toothbrush and dishwashing liquid.

If the heels or soles of your shoes are wearing thin, replace them, otherwise they will break, or be uncomfortable for your feet to walk around in.

Shoes that are too tight can be stretched widthways but not lengthways. You can buy your own shoe-stretcher, but it is better to go to a shoe repairer, as they have the proper equipment and expertise.

While it may be tempting to wear you same pair of favourite shoes day in and day out, it is actually better to rotate your shoes. Shoes need time to air out and breathe, so make sure you don’t wear the same shoe more than a couple of times a week. This way your shoes will last longer as they will retain their shape and structure.

Smelly shoes are caused by sweat and bacteria growth and will be housing, for sure, smelly feet. Synthetics don’t always let feet breathe and synthetic insoles make matters worse. Have them taken out and replaced with leather insoles to limit bad smells.

Another way to limit unwanted shoe odours is to sprinkle talc powder in your shoes, and wash your feet with an antibacterial soap.

For light scuff marks, rub the area with an eraser.

To get rid of scuff marks on leather sneakers, swab the scuff mark with nail-polish remover. If the whole shoe starts to yellow or darken in colour, spray the shoes with a mixture of 50% water and 50% lemon juice and leave them in full sun for a day. This lemon concoction can also be used on canvas sneakers.

The Perfect Shoe Caring Kit

The KIWI Shoe Shine Box comes in an elegant wooden box with footrest and is filled with 8 shoe shine accessories, including 2 KIWI premium paste tins, 2 soft and durable shine cloths, 2 sponge daubers, 2 KIWI shoe shine brushes made from 100% horsehair, and 1 shoe horn.

Now that you are armed with knowledge on how to care for shoes, hopefully you can now look after and protect your favourite pair of shoes so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Whether they are study work boots, dainty high heels, or comfortable sneakers, knowing how to care for shoes is the best way to properly maintain your favourite pair so they last a long time and you can enjoy them more.