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Skin that has acne needs extra care because there are elements that made your skin extra sensitive as compared to those who have normal skin types. It is also recommended by the skin experts you care for your acne-affected skin with a little more care and caution. There are a few helpful tips you should consider to gradually get that acne healed or if not, at least to avoid worsening the skin condition.

Here are some of the things you must do and adopt as habits in order to able to achieve healthier skin.

The simplest method is by cleansing your skin thoroughly but gently.

There are mild soaps and skin cleansers available that would wash your skin gently. Avoid using strong and scented soaps that may have harsh effects on your skin. Keep away from toners and astringents for they contain active ingredients that may aggravate your skin problems. When you sense the need for a toner or a cleansing agent, ensure that it has an approval from your skin doctor or dermatologist or else you may regret your actions later when your skin's acne condition worsens.

Always make sure that you avoid use of skin products such as scrubs and abrasives for they would definitely harm your skin. Be very mindful of what you use on your skin. Be disciplined and do not risk your skin just to try out for temporary solutions you have seen on advertisements.

For men, shave carefully

To avoid increasing the possibility of injury on your skin with acne due to improper treatment of the use of certain unsafe products, it is very advisable for men who shave that they do so carefully and apply cream or lather soap prior to shaving. The soap or shaving cream would soften the hair growths. Choose the right shaver that is favorable for sensitive skin, too.

Shaving is a truly hygienic routine. Just see to it that you do it the right way without harming your skin with acne. Keep reminding yourself about of this because it is very important.

Choose cosmetics cautiously.

It is best not to use any if you have acne. But in certain occasions when it cannot be avoided be aware that when you have acne, cosmetics must be selected very carefully. Only use those that are prescribed by your dermatologist. You will be needing cosmetics that are specially formulated for acne-prone skin. These are products that are oil-free and are called noncomedogenic. There are cases when the use of cosmetics is of not recommended at all. If you have such type of skin, it would be best to let your skin be cosmetic-free.

These are just a few of the matters needed to be taken into consideration as reminders for those who have acne. The right precaution and care would definitely give you the best results.