The Hydrangea seemannii is part of the Hydrangeaceae family and is often noted to be a strong Hydrangea seemanniiCredit: Rainer Oberleclimber.

It, to some, is easily identified by the small white (sometimes cream colored) flowers that it sports during a summer bloom, its ability to self adhere, the lace like appearance as well as its shiny leaves.

Caring for this plant however is not always an easy task but definitely one that won't cause you to lose any sleep. Here is a simple guide to help you care for and grow a healthy Hydrangea seemannii.

Instructions  - 5 Steps to Growing a Healthy and Happy Hydrangea seemannii

        Step One:  Choose a planting location (if possible) that is both shaded and near a sturdy structure such as a wall or fence.

        The Hydrangea seemannii is a climber by nature and will attain best growth (upwards of 20 to 30 feet) when it is allowed the chance to grow as it is inclined to.

        Step Two:  Provide the proper soil. The Hydrangea seemannii thrives in a fertile, healthy, moist and well drained soil. A rich manure fertilizer would be optimal for this garden climber.

       Step Three: Water this plant regularly to prevent the soil from becoming dry or drying out. 2 to 3 times per week should be adequate if you have planted it in a properly shaded location. If your planting location is not shaded and receives a good amount of sun then it may require watering more often.

     Step Four: Remove any and all diseased leaves as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading to the rest of this garden climber. This plant can be a bit finicky, especially when it has not yet become established so disease can quickly eliminate this garden wonder even if it was previously thriving.

     Step Five:  Fertilize your Hydrangea seemannii in the springtime with a well processed, rich manure fertilizer. This should be done every spring at least until it has become well established and is thriving.