Are you bringing home a new kitten? Are you unsure of how to care for it to begin with? This article will give you tips on how to acclimate a new kitten to your home.

Make sure the kitten you choose is at least 8 weeks old. If you take it from its mother sooner than 8 weeks, it will not be properly socialized. This means it could act aggressive with other pets or people. It could even develop bad habits if it's not weaned off milk properly, such as sucking and chewing on things.
How to Care for a New Kitten(66236)Credit: Copyright 2011 AmberdawnBring your kitten home in a carrier. This is safer than holding the kitten when you drive, and it's also safer than if a passenger holds the kitten because it could wiggle free in fear. Most cats hate traveling in cars.
Release the kitten from the carrier in one closed off room. This way the kitten can explore the room, get used to the smells, and find safe places to hide. This room should have everything the kitten needs: a litter box, food and water, a scratching post, and toys.
How to Care for a New KittenCredit: Copyright 2011 AmberdawnDon't chase your kitten around the room to try to pet it! Don't be surprised if your kitten is not interested in you, or even afraid of you at first. The kitten will usually be more interested in exploring its new surroundings. Or it might simply want to hide so it feels safe. These behaviors are normal, and tend to wear off when it gets hungry, ha ha. It won't let itself starve. It will come out for food and water when it needs to.
Expect the kitten to warm up to you in a day or so. Once it sees you're the one putting the food down for it few times, it will see you as a provider and become more affectionate.
Call a vet to make appointments for vaccinations. Your kitten will need about 3 separate visits for different vaccinations at specific ages. Check with your vet for when they advise bringing your kitten in. In addition, plan on getting your cat spayed or neutered when they are 6 months old.
Feed your kitten twice per day, and play with it every day as well. Enjoy your new pet. Good luck!