Improve it with a Mulcher

More and more pressure is being put on the average person these days with their busy schedules. So much so that we need to think smarter and organize better. Everyone is blaming global warming for this, that and everything else, and I am not going to argue about the pros and cons on this subject. Except to say we do need to think about the way we look after our own little bit of turf.

What with all the various governments' water restrictions and less time with our busy lifestyles we need to improvise more. Have you noticed that when a new home is built now the building blocks are becoming smaller and smaller. If they had their way they would have us all living on postage stamp size blocks.

Man has definitely ruined our world; you only have to look at the current weather problems. Snowbound homes in some countries, completely flooded towns in others, while other states are still suffering terrible draughts and fires. No we cannot save the world although we can all do our little bit in protecting our own little patch of grass.

Years ago everyone used to cut their lawn and then spend hours raking it up and bagging it to take to the rubbish tip or if you were lucky enough to have a house bin to use we filled that and let them dispose of them. Many used it to put around their gardens as mulch. Grass clippings create so much heat that when people put too much on or too close around the trees they were actually killing them from the heat in the grass.

Caring for your spongy lawn

If you have a very spongy lawn there is no need to have it verti mowed or dethatched. This makes a lot of mess, very time consuming and costly. The best way to rid yourself of a spongy lawn is to lower the blades and cut it very short.

If you are doing it for the first time and it is long it will look as though you have killed it. This is not so. It is because the underneath grass near the roots is often yellow beneath the green blades. To avoid it looking dead I would suggest you cut it each week and gradually lower the blades. This will gradually allow the grass blades to green up after cutting.

The shorter you keep it the less spongy it will become. If it is unlevel; top dress the hollows with sand to level it out. Once you have fixed the sponginess then you can return the blades to the normal position.

The type of lawn you have will determine the height of the grass. Some countries leave their lawn at least 50 to 100m high whereas in Western Australia we cut it shorter.

Improve and green it with a lawn mulch mower

Why buy a lawn Mulch mower? A self propelled lawn mulch mower takes the work out of mowing. Self propelled means exactly what the name suggests it virtually pushes itself. The non self propelled ones mean you have to do all the pushing and the extra cost for the self propelled one is worth every cent you spend.

Mulching lawnmowers come in all sizes. You can buy one for the home owner or depending on the size of your property buy a ride on lawn mulch mower. These really take the work out of mowing larger lawns.

How do mulch mower work? Mulching lawn mowers are produced with an extra blade which chops the grass finer before returning it back to it. This is the benefit of a mulching mower, it allows your normal lawn clippings to decompose much quicker, and at the same time returns its nutrients back into your soil. It also helps protect the lawn roots from the harsh sun and reduces the amount of water required.

Nutrients in the lawn clippings

Each time you return the mulched lawn back into the ground it works as a fertilizer. It provides the much needed potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus for it, reducing the extra expense of buying more fertilizer.

Mulching the leaves on it

There is no need to rake up the leaves on your leaves every autumn. Your mulching lawn mower will chop the leaves up small as you mow the lawn with it mulch mower. How good is that?

Earn money with it mulch mower

Quite often you could go and earn money with it mulch mower by doing the neighbors lawns in your spare time. 

If you are thinking of starting a home business, then why not try your hand at starting a home lawn mowing business. If you do, make sure it has self propelled mowers as this will make life a lot easier for you.

Industrial lawn mowers- If you have industrial businesses for clients then you should outlay the extra money and buy a ride on mower. 

Tips for making mowing easier:

Make sure you replace old and broken blades with sharp ones to achieve a better cut lawn. 

Never cut it when it is wet as it causes a build up under the mower and clogs up the blades, reducing its effectiveness.

So the next time you need to buy a new lawn mower think about buying a self propelled lawn mulch mower it will not only save you energy, but save you extra work by reducing the clippings and helping to put the nutrients back into it with no added fertilizer.

Then again you may want to try out a stress free solar powered robotic lawn mower