Do you want to know how to cash a check? There are several different ways of cashing checks. Check cashing services require no commitment but they cost you. ATM deposits are a simple way to cash checks, but require a free checking account. Direct deposits are convenient for cashing a check, but you still need to go get the money out. If you'd like to learn the ropes of cashing a check, this article will show you how to get started, and what you need to do to move to the next level of paycheck cashing.

Use a check cashing services to cash checks. Bring them your paycheck and they'll usually charge you a percentage of it. This method of paycheck cashing requires less commitment than opening a free checking account, setting up direct deposits, or obtaining a card for ATM deposits. You pay for the ease of cashing a check.

Ways to save money(48920)Credit: Tracy O a free checking account with a bank. Bring ID to open an account. The bank won't charge like check cashing services for cashing a check, although some banks charge for other services, such as ATM deposits. How to cash a check through a bank is to bring them your check. Then sign it in front of the teller. This is one of the only free ways to cash checks, other than using direct deposits from your employer. However, it's not the most convenient paycheck cashing method since cashing checks during banking hours can be a hassle.

Use an ATM. If you have opened a free checking account, most banks issue you an ATM (debit) card to cash checks with. If you have the same amount of money (or more) in the account as the check, you'll be essentially cashing a check when you make ATM deposits. How to cash a check here is to insert your card, enter your PIN as well as the amount of the check, deposit the paycheck in an envelope, and it'll give you the amount. Of course any change you're due when cashing checks are deposited into your checking account. This is a more convenient method of paycheck cashing than actual check cashing services because ATMs are almost never closed! The only thing more convenient than this is to also have direct deposits.

Ask your employer for direct deposits. Usually all you'll need to start cashing checks this way is a free checking account and then tell your payroll department the account number and routing number found on each check. Then payments are credited to your checking account automatically so you don't even have to cash your check. Use your debit card to make purchases with the deposits instead of cashing a check by visiting a check cashing services store, bank, or making ATM deposits. Many places deposit the money earlier than it issues paper checks so paycheck cashing is quicker. Then to cash checks you'll just need to withdraw it from your bank or ATM. With direct deposits you'll never wonder how to cash a check again!