When you need money fast there just never seem to be enough ways to earn it. Minimum wage jobs, part-time work with no chance to be hired for full-time and bill costs going up and up are just some of the reasons you may be hurting for money. Increase the amount of money that comes into your home by casting free money spells that work.

Things You Will Need

Green candle

White candle


Six gold or silver coins

Green pouch


Step 1

Set up a green and a white candle. These are necessary to cast any free money spells that work as the green symbolizes money and the white symbolizes purity. The white will ensure the money is not attained in a bad way, such as a family member suddenly dying and leaving you money.

Step 2

Use six coins to surround the two candles in a circle - it may be more of an oval depending on the thickness of the two candles, but this is not important for the free money spells that work. Gold dollars or silver half-dollars are idea as they are worth a large amount of money and are colored with a wealthy color. The more in need of money you are, the more shiny and clean the coin should be.

Step 3

Light the candles with a new match for each candle. Do not use a lighter.

Step 4

Chant, "My money will grow, my money will flow, my money shine, the money is mine."

Step 5

As you chant, sprinkle a green pouch with cinnamon and collect the coins one-by-one.

Step 6

Place the coins one at a time into the pouch.

Step 7

With each coin you place into the bag say, "Bring me great wealth, so mote it be." In other words, you will be saying this line six separate times. When you are done, you have successfully cast a free money spell that works.

Remember that you need to be somewhat proactive even after casting free money spells that work. After all, how do you win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket? This will most likely result in a slow build of a little more money at a time - finding $5 on the street here, getting a small raise there, etc.

Tips & Warnings

Magic is stronger when emotions are stronger, therefore, a free money spell that works will work faster and more powerfully when you are in a state of greater need, anxiety or depression.

As with all spells, money spells that work may wear off. Redo the spell whenever you feel necessary.